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    Will there be an European Re: Chain of Memories [CONFIRMED]

    Phew... glad bought the american one now.... now all i need is a n.american ps2 :huh:
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    Just another Xion Theory.

    Riku's heart was never taken by the darkness, he just let the darkness and Xehanort's heartless into his heart thinking he could control its power.... long story short he never became a heartless so never got a nobody.
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    Most Annoying Heartless

    Gotta say fat bandits, large bodies and defenders are the worst ones to fight.. they always seem to turn around as soon as you get where you gotta be to damage them.
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    Just another Xion Theory.

    I'm super new at this so please have mercy and don't shoot me for sharing this theory... Okay so alot of people are saying that Xion and Kairi are somehow connected which makes a hell of alot of sense since they have the same face and voice... Well could it be possible that Namine was created...