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    News ► A New TWEWY Game?

    I think if it is on 3DS, it will be dual screen combat. Still, I think it could be on the Wii or the Wii U. I think one of the things that made TWEWY so great is that it really utilized the features of the DS (touch screen, dual screens, etc.). If it was moved to a different console, it could...
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    An idea for a side-game to be released after KHIII

    Well, there are 7 lights and 13 darknesses. Sora can't just do all the work. In KHII, there are 8 remaining members of Organization 13. Axel and Roxas are not defeated by Sora. There were six for him to fight (plus Axel as Roxas). If each of the seven lights fights a darkness, there are 7 for...
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    KH 3D ENDING SPOILERS!!! Future game idea

    I thought it would be interesting for around or shortly after KH3, if there was a game in which you play as the six lights other than Sora going across one or two worlds and fighting one aspect of Xehanort and possibly another heartless/nobody boss, leaving seven for Sora to beat in 3, which is...
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    What does Xehanort plan remind you of?..

    This joke has been made on the streams. We're calling it Voldenort. memegenerator.net/voldenort
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    Light v dark

    I mean, the only completely confirmed one is actually Kairi because Yen Sid specifically says that she will be one. And I think maybe the Red Eyed Unknown will be darkness. By the way, it's Xigbar and Saix again. You'll know why if you watch the start of the game.
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    Any confirmation on how...

    1. This thread needs to be marked SPOILERS. 2. It's Xigbar. In the opening scene of KH3D, Xehanort stabs Braig with his keyblade, releasing his heart and causing him to become a nobody again.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending + Secret Ending

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending This might not be real. It's been circling around KH13 for a bit, but remember, this game has been out for a day and is supposed to take AT LEAST 35 hours to complete. Someone could have done their research and made this up. It could be real, but just know that...
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    So, there are seven keyholes of sleep right? Wouldn't that mean there are seven worlds in the realm of sleep? So far, there are six confirmed to be actually in the realm of sleep, right? Les City Des Cloches, Prankster's Paradise, The Grid, Traverse Town, Symphony of Sorcery, and The Musketeer...