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    Demyx ...

    Aha Yeah ;) That Would be Funny Or I Could See Him Wielding A Bass =]
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    Larxene-The Best Woman Fighter on Organization XIII

    I don't like her.. her cruel words are horrivle and her hair is just :| but she does pose as a very good person at been bad if that makes sense.. i do love her very aggresive attack set though especially when you fight her in KH2FM+ Her data is preety hard to beat but i managed it :)
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    Demyx ...

    Oh Yeah Electric ???
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    Cerebus V.S GroundShaker

    The Pet Of hades Or The heartless That Ruled Pride Lands.. Which One Was Better ? And Why
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    Riku Theory

    Wisely Said I Guess Because Of The Events In Castle Oblivion And Him Taking The Road To Dawn Althese Events Earned Him The Right =]
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    Erm ...

    Ohh thank it confused me =]
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    Riku Theory

    Are you trying to imply he could have been the 14th member ? Cause if you are Good theory =]
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    Demyx ...

    Lmao Oh yeah You Are Kinda Right About the Piano Thing Lmao And Naa Yo uAint Going Too Much Into It I Actually Understand You Answred My question lol
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    Erm ...

    I Restarted My Game And Im At My Second Visit To Twilight Town As Sora And Saix Just Said too Me .. "Axel Will Stop At Nothing To Turn You Into a Heartless" Does This mean Axel Is Trying To Also Make Another Roxas?? :confused:
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    Demyx ...

    Yes I Understand That But A Sitar .. I never Even Knew What A Sitar Was Till I Played This .. But Thats Cause I Only Litsen To Music And Play Piano I Dont Play Anything Else Lol
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    What Happned..

    To Organisation 13's Castle In TWTNW .. Im Sligtly Confused On That ..
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    Demyx ...

    Why In The World Would They Give Demyx A Sitar As A Weapon :closedeyes:
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    The Door On Destiny Islands

    No But Once They Locked Kingdom Hearts Then All the Key Holes Must Have Locked .. As That Was What Was Connecting The Worlds That is Why In Kingdom Hearts 2 You need To Go Through Them Gummi Paths SO you Could Get To That World That is also why when ever you completed a world you had that mini...
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    The Door On Destiny Islands

    Oh yeah In Kingdom Hearts 1 I remember Now
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    The Door On Destiny Islands

    It Could Be A Portal To A New World Or Have Some Significance With The Cavern Of Rememberecnce OR tHat Room We Saw Aqua's Armour In In KH2FM+
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    Yes Thats It =] THat Defo Works
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    Worth it?

    Oh Yeah It Is Well Worth It .. I Imported It And Even Thought its Japanese I Know What They WOuld be Saying Plus You Have THe Added Extras Of The Cavern Of Rememberence And The Organisation Data Batlles .. My Faveroute Being The marluxia Battle And The AddeD CutScenes Show Some Real Spoliers...
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    Clouds Sword

    Well It Wasnt Bandaged In FF7 So Im Guessing It Might Have Been SOmething That Happned In Previous Years With Sephiroth ??
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    The Note

    So Yeah I Was Wondering What ... Any THoughts ?
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    how good is it?

    I Really Enjoyed The Game I Loved Been Able To Fight The Organisation Battles. The Cavern Of Rememberence Was Real Challenging. And As Far As I Know Not In THe USA I Imported Mine From Japan