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  1. maleficentfan123

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Megathread - Intergrade, Rebirth, Reunion and more

    So overall, what are thoughts on how this game is compared to the original? I haven't played the original at all, and I'm not sure I plan to. But I'm curious. I'm not a huge Final Fantasy guy, but I had to check it out for Cloud, Sephiroth, Aerith, Tifa, etc. and am enjoying it.
  2. maleficentfan123

    Dream On

    I'd really like them to "return to their roots" and focus 90% of the protagonist attention on Sora, Riku, and Kairi. I don't need much more from Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Roxas, Axel, Xion, Namine, or any other protagonist character in KHIV. I doubt any of these characters will completely disappear...
  3. maleficentfan123

    Kingdom Hearts IV Release

    I very highly doubt KH4 will be a PS6 exclusive. Released on a PS6 someday? Sure. But I'm confident we will get KH4 before PS6.
  4. maleficentfan123

    What if the Dark Seeker Saga gets the remake/reinterpretation treatment (like FF7)

    Hmmmm...so, new voice acting? Meaning, new voice actors?
  5. maleficentfan123

    What if the Dark Seeker Saga gets the remake/reinterpretation treatment (like FF7)

    Condensing KH1, COM, KH2, 358/2 Days, BBS, Coded, DDD, UX, KH3 and MOM into 2-3 games sounds like a great idea, and I could see it maybe happening someday...but I don't see it happening in the near future. Apart from anything else, I would imagine a full on remake series like you're suggesting...
  6. maleficentfan123

    Riku & Maleficent

    I've never heard the theory that Riku was the one to pick up Alice. Where exactly does this theory stem from? I'm just curious where it even came from. I'm not really seeing a connection tbh. Agreed on all counts really. I always wondered why exactly Agrabah was, not early exactly, but so...
  7. maleficentfan123

    Riku & Maleficent

    Kidnapping Jasmine was a pretty big deal though. I mean, she was/is a princess of heart and Maleficent needed her to carry out her plans. Also, he did fight Sora a few times in Monstro and Neverland. Was that for Maleficent, or for himself? An argument could be made either way. Good points re...
  8. maleficentfan123

    Riku & Maleficent

    Definitely agree on Riku having moments of weakness and insecurity. I think the entirety of KH1 shows that. I really felt Maleficent also sensed his insecurity and emotional behavior and was trying to use it to her advantage. Your point on slowly getting snared by the darkness is interesting...
  9. maleficentfan123

    Riku & Maleficent

    I got the impression that he trusted her towards the end. I'm thinking specifically of the scenes where Maleficent gives him the power to control the Heartless in Neverland, and then when he arrives in Hollow Bastion with Kairi.
  10. maleficentfan123

    Riku & Maleficent

    Good points. I didn't forget about the CoM interaction, but I find it hard to "count" that. I definitely think Ansem was the cause of Riku being so dismissive towards Maleficent. We see Riku slowly grow to trust Maleficent over the course of KH1. Then as soon as he's possessed, bam. Complete...
  11. maleficentfan123

    Riku & Maleficent

    Who says Riku would turn her down? Lol, kidding. I think that would be very anticlimactic. I would hope we would get something beyond an Ansem rehash with her. I would love to fight her as Riku, but given he seems to be the one primarily searching for Sora, I don't see that happening in the...
  12. maleficentfan123

    Riku & Maleficent

    Very interesting points! Do we think Riku and Maleficent's relationship will be brought up again moving forward?
  13. maleficentfan123

    Riku & Maleficent

    We all know Riku's relationship with Ansem SoD has spanned basically the entire series since KH1. I think that's a really well developed relationship and one that I have really enjoyed seeing develop on screen, with Riku having to overcome his possession by Ansem in KH1. What of Riku's...
  14. maleficentfan123

    Did Nomura learn from his past mistakes after kingdom hearts 3

    KH3 had its flaws...but I think some people are just way too hard on the game. One of the complaints I see about KH3 frequently is about how nothing happens until the end of the game. Um, did we forget about KH2, where literally nothing of importance happens unless you're at the very...
  15. maleficentfan123

    Would anything have really changed if they permanently axed off Maleficent back in KH1?

    I love Maleficent. Obviously. I don't have much else to say that hasn't already been said. Plotwise, her absence wouldn't change that much. But, it is nice having a Disney character (other than Mickey/Donald/Goofy) play a bigger role outside the Disney worlds. Having said that, I'd prefer if...
  16. maleficentfan123

    Skippable worlds

    I don't think this is really what you mean, but if you skip Wonderland and go right to Deep Jungle, you get a cool cutscene where Maleficent and co. have Snow White instead of Alice as you haven't been to Wonderland yet. You do have to do Wonderland and Deep Jungle though before you can move...
  17. maleficentfan123

    Spoilers ► I'm Pleasantly Surprised by this Place's Critical Nature

    I'm a big KH3 fan myself, but by no means does that make it a perfect game. I think every KH game has flaws--yes, including the (IMO overly glorified) KH1.
  18. maleficentfan123

    Is anyone going to talk about how kh3 is 2 years old today?

    I remember I took a personal day from work. We ended up having 2 snow days in a row afterwards. Perfect timing!
  19. maleficentfan123

    The Caribbean World

    Maybe it's because I haven't seen any of the PotC movies passed the first one. I guess I'm alone in disliking the ship combat mechanics. Well, the combat isn't awful awful, it's that stupid race you have to do with Luxord that I strongly dislike. Like I said, I do really enjoy the underwater...
  20. maleficentfan123

    The Caribbean World

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE KH3. I actually think its gameplay is the most fun in the series, and I don't think it should get the flack it does for its plot. Overall, the game has grown on me as time goes on. ReMind really helped with that I think. Having said that, this world man. I never...