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    What about Aqua?

    i wonder what would have happened if aqua didnt dive in to save terra's body after you beat him and let him fall (if it was me i personally wouldnt have done it knowing hes possed and such) and if she didnt it would have solved the nobody episode i suppose cause the apprentice wouldnt have done...
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    question about aqua *SPOILER*

    so then she may be used in the future, interesting thanks.
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    question about aqua *SPOILER*

    im very curious as to what happens to aqua after she enters the realm of darkness after she fights the 4 darksides/has those little flash backs then the creds just come on..does anyone know what happens to her?
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    Too much KH2 hate?

    i hate two things about it 1.theres no challenge kh1 u needed to be high lvl and do stuff kh2 - mash x and ur pro...in kh2 its just 2 dam easy , i dont even bother lvling i beat it at around 40-45 to make it more challenging u actually have to weaken yourself to make it seem more fun 2. the...
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    You're playing the game wrong.

    kh1 = strategy kh2 = not 25char
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    Fav Battle/Boss?

    roxas vs axel that shet was epic and i guess ummm mansex's 1st form
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    Maleficent and Pete gone???

    i hope they both die seriously..well since no1 in kh ever dies they have to fade away instead lol bu ti hope they dont come back there as useless as kairi
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    What level did you finish KH/KH2?

    that takes like 2h? havent timed myself lol but in pride lands u can hit 99 easily on the top of the rock where u fought scar just keep killing up there and comboing its very simple
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    What level did you finish KH/KH2?

    kh lvl 53 kh2 lvl 46(best 2 stay low no sense in lvling up in kh2 better 2 make it harder)
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    In Tarzan's jungle in the first game...

    im sure its kair who remembered that place not sora since her heart was with him and roxas wasnt born yet so im gonna go with its kairi remembering HB or something else
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    Can't Braig get his scars after he is a nobody?

    key blade doesnt give scares it gives stars rofl
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    This is how to beat Sephiroth KH2(Guide)

    well what if the ur x button doesnt work =P
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    This is how to beat Sephiroth KH2(Guide)

    this is fail guide for beating sehpy here goes this is kh2 right? just mash x omg how did i win lol >_>
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    Horoubasution ...! ?

    sucks it has 2 be on a phone ..what kinda dope were they smoking when they thought up cell phone >_>
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    Best Worlds in KH2

    pride lands all the way TLK ftw
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    What Worlds Do You Think Should Have Been in Days?

    cant have pride lands in days , since scar was the boss in kh2 it could only be zira since she comes after scar
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    kingdom hearts 358/2 days ending

    yea , id suggest KH1 -com- KH2 com..if u wanted 2 u could play it on a GBA emulator i myself just bought the remake but i also beat it the 1st time on an emulator O_o days is the kinda game u wont understand w/o prior knowledge of the other games
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    What Worlds Do You Think Should Have Been in Days?

    you suck pride lands are epic Q_Q
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    What would Xion's title be?

    xions title " crazy b!tch who stole my keyblade lol (im kiddin )
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    SPOILER ! after day (359)

    well about not wanting to bring him back ..sora was about to wake up pretty soon anyways and sora is alot more simple minded then roxas was i think more easily manipulated then roxas would have been lets say if roxas did remember everything he wouldnt help the org he'd scream bloody murder and...