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    Why They Need The Armor

    Who knows, it could be Gummi Armor?
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    Birth by sleep video MP4?

    Download a youtube converter and find a decent quality video. I use the one by DVDvideosoft. It's also how I get all my music! ^_^
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    Monstro:most confusing thing ever?

    The first time I played KH, I had the Straregy Guide, so I really didn't have any issues.
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    Did you waste your money?

    Yeah, the card system really ticked me off, so I took it in to gamestop a couple of weeks ago and traded it in and got Metal Gear Solid 4. Now that was worth it. ^_^
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    Who Do You Want to Voice T and A?

    Re: Who Do YOu Want to Voice T and A? Zooey Deschanel for Aqua? I don't think she'd do a bad job.
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    Real Life Axel

    Yeah, I pretty much agree.
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    Game saves

    Does anyone know any good websites for downloading KH2 game saves?
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    Dark soldier identity

    I think it kinda makes sense.
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    Kingdom Hearts

    Better graphics might be part of it.
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    The padadox cups

    I unlocked the Pain and Panic Paradox cup, but how do I unlock the rest?
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    The Truth

    It makes the most sense to me. I like it!
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    Kingdom hearts re:chain of memories

    I got mine at Target 3 minutes after they put it on the shelves.
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    Shows how much I know! lol thanks
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    Welcome to kh! Sorry, but I've never heard it. Where can I download the english version of passion? I've been trying to find it for a while.
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    Dang man, these are good!
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    Thanks man. :)
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    Do any of the KH songs work? I tried like six of them and all that came up was an error message.
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    Riku on final mix cover

    Hate to burst your bubble guys, but he's leaning against a statue.
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    Did Terra seal Destiny Island's Keyhole?

    If Terra had, then Riku wouldn't have been able to open the door in the first place.