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  1. leonidus

    Theory on the substance of light and darkness or "How is 7 and 13 equal?"

    It's kind of puzzling how 7 and 13 vessels are needed to forge the X-Blade when in our minds that hardly makes up a "half of each other". I argue a simple thing and that is that light is a more potent element of the two and it produces more in terms of quality while the darkness is less...
  2. leonidus

    Do we even need Square characters anymore?

    About a week ago I made a thread about how little Square characters had to do with the general plot and while thinking about it, I accepted the fact that they are what they are: underutilized guests in a series already complicated enough without them. So, while thinking about it I asked myself...
  3. leonidus

    At no point did a Square character have a meaningful interaction with an original villain

    This is just a bit of an analysis. Think about it for a second. KH1 had characters mostly stuck in TT, with the exception of Cloud (and Sephiroth if you count him) in OC. So, no potential there as Ansem SoD was the only one villain. You could also say that they missed the Xemnas confrontation...
  4. leonidus

    Braig: The Mastermind?

    (Yes, there is a similar topic present but I felt this could deserve its own thread. If not, move it.) I had this idea for a while: What if Braig turns out to be the mastermind? The grand villain of it all? Sure, before Terranort-losing-memory became a thing, Xehanort was the puppet master...
  5. leonidus

    Pewdiepie most likely doing lets play

    He seems to be enjoying it a lot more than I thought he would. The thing with KH1 is that a first playthrough isn't a complete experience before reaching Hollow Bastion. It is there that so many thing happen and you begin to understand what the game is really about, not just in terms of story...
  6. leonidus

    Spoilers ► KH HD 1.5 ReMIX Spoiler-Free Impressions + Streams (Tag dem Days stuff)

    Honestly, I've been watching the Days stream a bit (no spoilers, don't worry) and I think it doesn't exactly work as a "movie." Whenever we see a battle that is supposed to take place after a cutscene, it just suddenly skips ahead to the aftermath and it just feels disjointed. So, I wish we...
  7. leonidus

    What else do you think they could've done to improve KH for the collection?

    EDIT: Whoops, my bad, need to read the topic title more carefully. Carry on.
  8. leonidus

    How in the world will Zero EXP work?

    I know it was added for people who want the "ultimate challenge" in 1.5 and it's something that started in KH2:FM. But really, how will it work in KH1? Remember, many skills, abilites and such were available by other means in the other games. In KH2, certain bosses would give you certain bonuses...
  9. leonidus

    Pewdiepie most likely doing lets play

    I can almost guarantee that will not happen. :rolleyes:
  10. leonidus

    Gametrailers doing a Kingdom Hearts Timeline

    For those who may or may not know, Gametrailers has started a new series last year called Timeline which covers an entire series in its timeline, connects it and tries to provide a simple(st possible) way to present it to viewers. The first episode covered Zelda and, in my book, it was seriously...
  11. leonidus

    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5 HD ReMIX Images and Info from 4Gamer!

    I don't want to switch the discussion from the bars but I'm going through these pictures and I keep realizing... KH3 would look just fine with these graphics. Crisp, clean, not in conflict with anything seen before, no new uber graphics engine really needed.
  12. leonidus

    Coded in KH 2.5 idea

    Here's something that I was going through my mind about for a while now and I think it might be an interesting thing to see, so I want to ask what you guys think. Coded is relatively short storywise, no? And, really, the main characters are the main Disney crew. So I was thinking, what do you...
  13. leonidus

    News ► Tetsuya Nomura Interview + HD Screenshots!

    I realize this may be blasphemous to some, but the one thing I'd like to see them do is replace the color health bars with the ones we see in every game since KH1. They've updated the models, the reaction command abilities were added, possibly some controls like the analog camera will probly be...
  14. leonidus

    News ► The World Ends With You Teaser Site Opens!

    While I do feel sorry for you guys if this will be the only news, I am actually really happy for the news as it leaves a possibility for an android release. I've not played the game yet as I don't have a DS so this could be a great chance to do so. I'm sure it would look beautiful on my S3, I...
  15. leonidus

    KHInsider @ E3 2012!

    Practical question, when is the Square Enix conference?
  16. leonidus

    What if the Keyblade war...

    Well, yes, but in a sense, nothing would change, would it? The Keyblade war still happened, the exact same place, the exact same time. What no one would have known is that it was fought between the Neorganisation and the Sora crew, even Xehanort is iffy about the details, which is why he wanted...
  17. leonidus

    What if the Keyblade war...

    ...is a time paradox? Just occurred to me, we now have time travel, don't we? So, imagine the scenario where, by some plot device, the "Neorganization XIII" and the 7 heroes are transported not only to the place, but the time of the original Keyblade War? Which means, that they actually caused...
  18. leonidus

    KH3D thread of spoiler-free gameplay impressions! (Thanks Neogaf!)

    Re: A Non Spoilerish Opinion about KH3D's Story I said this in the spoiler section, but the story here kind of turned me around. I liked BBS a lot even though I felt it added to the storyline more complexity than it needed (the looks of Vanitas for one) and I really hoped we would move on to...
  19. leonidus

    KH3D Livestreams, Comprehensive Impressions, and Playthroughs!

    Go here. Videos are slowly being subbed one by one. http://www.youtube.com/user/wwwKH13com