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  1. terra2.0

    Some Confusion [Spoilers]

    Re: Confusion with Lea in Dream Drop Distance. Spoilers. All right, yeah both those things make since. Thanks man.
  2. terra2.0

    Some Confusion [Spoilers]

    So for those who have played or watched the walkthrough we know that Lea has returned and that he is all grown up. My questions concern his apparence; why is he still in his Org. XIII robes like Isa and Braig? The others he woke up with being Dilan Even etc. are in their old clothes while he...
  3. terra2.0


    Alright thanks for answering my questions guys. :)
  4. terra2.0


    So your saying his test was the events of BBS, or something else?
  5. terra2.0

    When you first saw KH?

    I was aboout 7 I saw the commercial and yeah it was like the music, the atmosphere, and the characters really grasped me. I got it that year and played it nonstop every weekend I could. It kinda consumed a large part of my life where I was writing about it at school's "What did you do this...
  6. terra2.0


    So, correct me if I am wrong but isn't Mickey a keyblade master? If so, what was his Mark exam test? Does anyone know?
  7. terra2.0

    Birth by Sleep Volume II: What to Expect

    I like the theory a lot and I hope that all your points will be touched on. They sound plausable and very likely.
  8. terra2.0

    BBS 2 will probably elaborate on Radiant Gardens

    I agree on possibly battling the Org.'s Heartless. Thats my major theory for the game... that and Hallow Bastion answers.
  9. terra2.0

    Organization Heartless.

    So, Nomura mentioned that if the apprentices heartless' were destroyed then the apprentice (or possible a new version of them) would return (Like Xehanort). Does anyone think that it may be possible that their heartless' entered the realm of darkness and may be found in BBSv2? Give me your...
  10. terra2.0

    Help/Support ► Girl help

    Well to everyone's relief I have given up so feel free to close this.
  11. terra2.0

    Help/Support ► Girl help

    Well it has been A long time since I posted back but just saying that things are going pretty good with her...I'm gonna do something special for V-day and her birthday :)
  12. terra2.0

    My first unbirth theory

  13. terra2.0

    Help/Support ► everyone HATES me!!!

    This whole topic is a great one to descuss with KHI...I have learned they help with problem,have these people have helped meand most of there advice works. Some of the guys on here are real jerk's and if you can tell who they are try not to follow there advice. Anyway back to the main topic. I...
  14. terra2.0

    BBS Keyblade Question

    That is a good question and the best answer I can give is...dun dun dun duh!... Wait and see.LOL
  15. terra2.0

    Call of Duty: World at War

    This game looks kick ass is anyone else gonna buy it...does anyone even play it.
  16. terra2.0

    I just discovered something! <_<

    AHH the memories when I was seven...Yeah it's Aurons voice actor.
  17. terra2.0

    Help/Support ► Girl help

    thank you.
  18. terra2.0

    Xehanort :D

    I figured this out liike last November and it was old then...sry.
  19. terra2.0

    Original Heartless

    They have a hole in their chest that is suppose to be a sign of it to be heartless. A missing heart, no heart, Heartless.
  20. terra2.0

    Help/Support ► Girl help

    Well I will keep trying but be more descriet and such...I think I am moving near here in November :)