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    Kingdom Hearts Wins a Guinness World Record!

    Since my AntiVirus detected a virus on this site, I didn't check in the forums to see if there was another thread since my antivirus was going crazy. I recently just bought the Guinness World Record 2010: Gamer's Edition and checked out the top 50 game series. Kingdom Hearts ranked 19th Place...
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    Secret Boss [SPOILERS]

    When I first saw the fight, I thought that the secret boss was easier than ever since he had one bar. But he's so damn hard! But I'm wondering who's harder, Lingering Sentiment or Vanitas' Sentiment? I'm guessing the LS since he's strong and has a lot of health bars.
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    Wow, that was awesome. But you have to put more enthusiasm in your voice. The MX part at the beginning was kinda boringish. But that was still AWESOME!
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    Did you see it?

    I noticed that in the Secret Ending of Final Mix. If you look closely, his eyes are simply moving. But in the actual game, he's blinking and moving it. So, yeah, he's just frozen.....not dead.
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    Reason why Atlantica isn't in BBS

    Wasn't 100 Acre Wood optional in Com also? I read it somewhere, can't remember. I heard you can just skip the entire world.
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    Reason why Atlantica isn't in BBS

    There might be a side-off story which tells us what happens in the 10 year gap between Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts. Atlantica might be featured. But Atlantica was the worst world in Kingdom Hearts because you have to reposition your self to fight a heartless and it just gets annoying. 100...
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    New Scans?

    http://heartstation.org/gallery/albums/birth-by-sleep/birth-by-sleep-scans/Dengeki%20Playstation%20Vol%20463%20004.png In Ven's part where he's fighting the Unversed, what world is that? Haven't seen it before. Looks like Land of Dragons. Nice Find! And welcome to the forums!! =D
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    BBS rating

    Well, Pirates of the Caribbean is the only Teen rated Disney game I could find yet. But since Disney now bought Marvel, there might be a difference since Marvel is all Teen.
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    BBS rating

    I bet just before Vanitas will stab her, Mickey or someone else will dive and knock him down and have a huge fight.
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    BBS rating

    ............. Ohhhhh, I didn't see that before.
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    BBS rating

    When does Aqua get stabbed?
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    BBS rating

    What is Birth By Sleep rated? I'm guessing it's E 10+ since the other games in the series are rated the same. But I have a feeling it's going to be rated T because of the whole idea of Braig losing an eyeball and other stuff. Sorry if this has been discussed before. Has it already been announced?
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    Riku's hair

    .............Maybe he used Darkness?
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: Confirmed VAs lol, didn't think people could be that stupid.
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: Confirmed VAs She means how he managed to get the ending of Birth By Sleep.
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    2nd Days Easter Egg

    Ok, I tried it out and it works! but I bet it's just a glitch and it's not meant to be there becuase Xion is like a meter away from the barrel and when she attacks, she can't reach it. But when she performs a combo she goes closer to the barrel and brakes it. This also works with Roxas.
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: Confirmed VAs It's on Wikipedia too.....Rick Gomez - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . But I do agree that Wikipedia or Imdb are not reliable sources.
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    Birth By Sleep: Final Mix ?

    Oh, my bad. I read the Japanese release date instead of the English one.
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    Birth By Sleep: Final Mix ?

    They haven't confirmed anything about it....but Final Mix+ came out 2 years after the english release of the Kingdom Hearts II, so it may come out. But don't they only make Final Mixes for the main series only? Because there have been only 2 final mixes and both of them are for Kingdom Hearts...
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    It might be the Dark Meridian, but all you see is water. It might be Destiny Island at night or Neverland at night.