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    saixs somebody lived in hollow bastion/radiant garden theory PT.2

    PT.1: http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/137815-i-think-i-have-proof-saix-s-somebody-lived-hollow-bation-radiant-garden.html now just here me out, even if when you looked at pt.1 (or just now) and thought it was stupid or whatever now it begins: in Re:CoM castle oblivion...
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    Vexen/Lexaeus voice actor (english)

    oh, thanks
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    Vexen/Lexaeus voice actor (english)

    i think that Vexen`s english voice actor is Uryu (from bleach) and Lexaeus`s is Vegeta (from dragon ball z), what do you think?
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    question about names

    do any other names mean anything? (i know sora means sky, so i just wondered if anyone elses did)
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    grandstander record (mine)

    id like to see someone TRY to get at least close if not past it its 257 ( no joke)
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    most likely 40$-50$
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    also, BLEW HAYRE. (i just love blue hair. x3)
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    Vanitas, Ven, and the Kingdom Key (A.K.A. VVKK)

    Re: Vanitas, Ven, and the Kingdom Key i like this theory very much. you sir get +1 internets
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    Picking your character

    yeah, but think about days and CoM. you could get to play as mickey, and you got the zero gear in days, andin CoM you got to play as RIKU!! (how wicked was that??)
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    Sora and Ven

    NOW SOMEONE GETS IT. lol that would be interesting
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    Sora and Ven

    i would like to know how xigbar got the eyepatch? HIS FATHER WAS A PIRATE. NUFF SAID.
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    Vanitas + Ventus connection

    how are they connected? because ven was van`s father`s, brother`s, cousin`s, nephew`s former roomate.
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    secret kingdom hearts game?

    ive noticed alot of people talking about that. when was it announced?
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    i think i have proof that saix`s somebody lived in hollow bation/radiant garden

    i just went to hollow batstion (in kh2) after beating port royal (for the first time) and so i talked to sid and he said "Have you seen the town`s defense devices? They`re called Claymores. They`re not as powerful as you, but depending on how you use them, they can really help." and what is...
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    Makes Sense

    maybe it will be a secret ending just like kh had the skyscraper battle and kh2 had TAV. who knows.
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    rikus nobody

    i was just thinking, since riku TECHNICALLY became a heartless, does that mean he would have a nobody?
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    Makes Sense

    ....no 25 characters :angry:
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    I fell to my death.

    something happened like that to me: i was fighting the goddamn annoying emerald serenade at wonderland when i WAS ABOUT TO KILL IT when all of a sudden, i started to fall upwards, and then i appeared in agrabah. no joke.
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    i just realized.

    that i havent slept for the past 18 hours.
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    heartless in BBS