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    The Truth About Axel and Namine

    I've heard of a theory where Sora is the Chamber of Waking. Credit goes to the person can't remember who thought sorry. Anyways if we mix both these theories together then it turns out a bit like this. Sora is CoW which would explain why no-one found it. If the CoW grants people their...
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    coded theory?

    true true yuuki. if the organization did unlock their memories, then how? would CoR and CoW have something to do with it? id try to come up with some dumb theory but im too tired. just read an entire xemnas article to find out anymore info. the things that i do to myself...
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    coded theory?

    well then what about xigbar? he saw ven through xion. if his memories were erased then how come he remembered ven? come to think of it, no-one has seemed to remember ven until xigbar did. even then no-one else remembered... but i agree that coded will end up with everyone's memories coming...
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    some TAV theories and connection to Sora, kairi, Riku!

    Well if that's the case maybe Aqua had a closer friendship with Ven then she did with Terra and somehow Ven trusted Sora to become the next keyblade master. Seeing how Terra already chose and maybe Aqua didn't have someone to choose so chose the person Ven would've. If we follow Lenexa's theory...
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    im confused...

    so ive been reading a lot of the threads in the forums and everyone is saying that family holds no connection in kh. but i swear, in kh2 didn't they say that ansem the wise kairi's dad or did i read that off a fanfic??
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    What enemy frustrates you the most?

    anything in wonderland, the ghosts, large bodies, neverland is damn annoying ummmmm dual blades/zip slashers and the friggin hooter things! id have no trouble with the large bodies or the canons if it wasnt for them damn hooters!!! they can all go die in a hole and no they cnt share one! they...