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  1. Twilightprince10

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? First off Id like to say hello to the KHinsider community again, its been many years since I've logged into this site. And what a few years it has been for myself and this series. Going from the handheld realm, to HD...
  2. Twilightprince10

    why is that?

    I Think we can all agree that in that aspect kh1 was funner than kh2. Hopefuly the new games bring that back.
  3. Twilightprince10

    Will the GBA CoM add to Days?

    Interconnectivity between two seperate games is not UNHEARD of. All the new pokemon games can connect to fire red and other older gameboy games. There is a possibility that an added bonus of sorts can be added. who knows a whole riku campaign can be ulocked!
  4. Twilightprince10

    update needed

    You know the first couple of links on the site, HOME, KH1, KH2, BALH BLAH BLAH. The BBS and 358/2 Days sections are pretty outdated. The 358 section doesnt even mention XION name or any information released through the various trailers. The same could be said about BBS. An update is needed.
  5. Twilightprince10

    Another VA Confirmed.

    I thought she grasped the B@#$ that is larxene perfectly. Larxene to me is a heartbroken person and thats exactly how she came across. Im glad shes back.
  6. Twilightprince10

    At the end of BBS

    Ill Agree On Aqua... But i think Ven will be infused with sora. As for Terra He Wont DIE but he will become a part of mx or will become mx.
  7. Twilightprince10

    New Days Gameplay Detail

    Sounds veyr useful for those tough situations where you surviving with one hp. A Thousand Thanks To You BM.
  8. Twilightprince10

    Organization XIII Original Names?

    What if a member already has an x in their name? that could make axel into alex.... just a thought. Ale just seems weird unless a different pronunciation is taken.
  9. Twilightprince10


    DO they ever give credit or show the voice actor for soras mom in kh1? if they did do you think that person will reprise that role in a possible cameo appearence in BBS? Although its unlikely it might help widdle down the serch. we can finally check of one person on the list of more than a...
  10. Twilightprince10

    358/2 Days Demo for DS from Wii?

    I would rather see a BBS demo.
  11. Twilightprince10

    Lets End This Please!

    I hope that this thread will not only help Khinsider As a whole but will relieve a massive amount of stress from both mods and frustrated members. Many of us have seen at least one if not many Threads on soras necklace. Yes guys this is about soras necklace! Anyways, I think its about time...
  12. Twilightprince10

    Regarding CoR/Org XIII Data

    All these things were added to let the player have some fun after they beat the game. I Doubt that the Data Battles are canon. The only way they can have any relevence to the plot would be coded. Perhaps Data of an organization member was leaked into the journal, of course this is all theoretical.
  13. Twilightprince10

    Gameplay videos on homepage.

    I'll do just that! if you can close the thread i would greatly appreciate it.
  14. Twilightprince10

    Gameplay videos on homepage.

    That sucks. Well.... thanks anyways.
  15. Twilightprince10

    Gameplay videos on homepage.

    Oh man thats terrbible! Any info on whether they will be put back up?
  16. Twilightprince10

    Gameplay videos on homepage.

    Before i start this thread i would like to thank the many members for the kind words about the passing of my dog. Shes on my sig if you want o take a look. Anyways, regarding the gameplay videos, they dont seem to be working properly although the new BBS trailer looks very cool. I wanted...
  17. Twilightprince10

    PoH = BWHoPL?

    Guilty a charged! Its sily how nomura can bring out such conversation, he could make up any nonesense in the game and we all would eat it up! Isnt it great!
  18. Twilightprince10

    358/2 Delay- Could it mean...?

    WOW! How did I not remember this! Hopefuly he stays true to his word.
  19. Twilightprince10

    Xion's true identity theory

    I wish people would think these things through. There are alot of holes in this theory that with a bit more time could be fixed. Im hoping that you wil come back a bit later and i will be happy to read your theory over!
  20. Twilightprince10

    Yet another stupid Unbirth Theory

    Very nice! Loved It! This will definitly explain why MX is seeking poh and the beings with light(or whatever its called!) i wonder what will happen if you killed a keyblade wielder? alhough i greatly approve of this im sure that someone will find something to bitch about.