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    Update 12/12/2013

    スクウェア・エニックス BRIDGE | ゲーãƒ*・コミュニティ| SQUARE ENIX BRIDGE What the patch brought. Christmas heartless and quests to kill them. The link to the quests list: スクウェア・エニックス BRIDGE | ゲーãƒ*・コミュニティ| SQUARE ENIX BRIDGE Getting...
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    Theory for a "secret" true villain for KH III

    Vanitas took over Xehanort, and now all the "Xehanorts" are really Vanitases. You might be wondering how I came to this theory, and be arguing it simply isn't possible. So, lets start off with what sparked this theory. A specific scene in DDD. [#37 | HD Unsubbed] Out There - Kingdom Hearts 3D...
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    ...wtf? Nomura is an IDIOT.

    How I figured it was, is that Xehanort's experiments made way for the heartless to come to the realm of light and he created the emblemmed heartless. Heartless are just the being of the realm of darkness, and possibly people that ended up in the RoD and surrendered to the darkness. After...
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    For the people who spoiled bbs

    If I decide to get a psp I will buy it when it comes out in english. I am still wondering whether or not I want to spend money on one of the hand held consoles. The game looks like it would be plenty of fun for a long while. So if I had a psp I would get it and since I don't have a psp, it...
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    Ven + Aqua endings!

    I always thought that Darksides were the strongest pure heartless. Though maybe the experiments trigger the heartless to be unleashed this might help the theory that they didn't create the heartless but unleashed them with the experiments. Basically the experiments might have triggered a way...
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    Birth by Sleep in the next Famitsu [+New Nomura project soon]

    Actually they were considering having something similar for the eye toy. But they decided the ps2 eyetoy and the ps2 couldn't handle it. And that out dates the wii. I believe I remember it I don't want to try to find a link so don't quote me on it you could just ignore this post if you want.
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    Birth by Sleep in the next Famitsu [+New Nomura project soon]

    Ghost X, Rumble Fighter, Rush Fighters, Splash Fighters, and Bots are all 3d MMOG that have you control them like a beat em up. Though I wouldn't recommend Bots or Rush Fighters. They are made by a mmo company that has poor player support rarely interacts with GM participation events. And if...
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    Birth by Sleep in the next Famitsu [+New Nomura project soon]

    It would be better on the PS3 with the motion sensor wands that are coming out for it that use a camera. Basically no matter how good you are with flicking your wrist with the wii that wouldn't work with the motion sensor wands with the camera.(They are coming out spring 2010)
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    Birth by Sleep in the next Famitsu [+New Nomura project soon]

    THE BEST IDEA SO FAR. Hmm maybe the next game is why the book of the 100 acre woods is important to radiant garden. Or is of Sora and Riku playing sword. Or is of Xehanort and his experiments. No one in this convo knows yet. D=
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    Birth by Sleep in the next Famitsu [+New Nomura project soon]

    I was saying before they release any data on KHIII. Though if the "KH" team is working on FF V XIII I wouldn't doubt that KHIII won't be started until FF V XIII is out of development.
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    Birth by Sleep in the next Famitsu [+New Nomura project soon]

    I don't think it is going to be an announcement for KH3 because I think they are actually going to compare sales of FFXIII on the 360 and PS3 and figure out if it is worth releasing it on both or just one of them.
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    Jesse McCartney returning for Birth By Sleep

    YAY TIME TRAVEL! =D Yeah that means it might be released 1Q 10 or sometime around when KH II was released (the date and month not the year). And I would never want to be in the shoes of someone that is getting stalked by bunches of teens that want to say "I love you so much" "Marry Me!" D=...
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    Who is Vanitas?

    Re: Why Vanitas face is still covered! I know, the reasons on why he can't be Xehanort I was just stating reasons that his name could hint at it. I was also saying that Xehanort part as an example of what could be done if you look at the meaning of the name given.
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    Who is Vanitas?

    Re: Why Vanitas face is still covered! Vanitas "The word is Latin, meaning "emptiness" and loosely translated corresponds to the meaninglessness of earthly life and the transient nature of vanity." Quote from wikipedia. Maybe nothing is under the armor. Maybe the person has a damaged face and...
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    Who is Xehanort?

    That seems plausible. But we have no clue, though speculations are the best we can get to the truth with out all the facts. :(
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    CoM vs. Re:CoM

    I kinda liked both. I liked the GBA gameplay better. But I liked almost everything else about RE: better. :( RE: made it harder to grind MP. I think the lowered the drop rate of enemy cards slightly also. Omnislash was more devastating in the GBA version. And in the GBA version you could hit an...
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    Hardest Re:CoM Boss?

    I wonder why so many people have trouble with Riku Replica last fight.(unless if you are talking about the riku vs him) All I do is sleight spam him and not give him a chance to attack. I didn't die once to him on my 80HP pround mode run. Vexen I could spam the same sleight as I spammed against...
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    Marluxia... I thought this battle was cheap

    I say the final form of marluxia in RE: COM is more so annoying then hard, annoying bosses= hard when you aren't playing well. I beat him with a lvl 5x Sora on proud mode with only 80HP on my first RE:COM run through. I admit I died a few times in the run threw, *grumble grumble* axel killing me...
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    keyblade masters

    Does that resemble a key? No but is it a keyblade. Soul eater doesn't have anything hanging on it, DS's weapon does. It could be a form of a Soul Eater, or it could be a form of a keyblade who knows. But it kinda resembles an oathkeeper keyblade.(to me) Anyways stop this arguing in this...
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    keyblade masters

    That is what I was seeing when I was looking closely I saw it and it did a quick sway.(Proving it isn't stiff) It resembles a chain, so I wonder what they are talking about that not having a chain on it. Ok, I will look at soul eater now. It might be similar to it then.