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  1. Wave57

    Any tips for the last Atlantica gummi mission?

    I did this mission, and it was the hardest by far. You want a small ship yes. But you also want health. Equip 6 thunders and 2 meteors, these weapons are most preferred. Shield and transform is absolute, once you hit 260, transform into a large healthy ship with max speed and haste2 (hopefully...
  2. Wave57

    Which Level 3 Gummi Ship Mission is somewhat easy?

    Oh, and where is Monstro in your game? Before Halloween Town or Atlantica? Edit: Atlantica will make you scream if Monstro is in your way. Imagine getting to the point goal in Atlantica mission 3, only to be stopped by Monstro. If this is the case, I'm sorry. (But you can do it!)
  3. Wave57

    Which Level 3 Gummi Ship Mission is somewhat easy?

    Be warned, Atlantica is the hardest. Traverse Town is a walk in the park compared to Atlantica.
  4. Wave57

    Which Level 3 Gummi Ship Mission is somewhat easy?

    Yes. Every single one. GameFaqs has an excellent guide one doing all of the missions. GameFAQs: Kingdom Hearts (PS2) Gummi Ship Mission Guide (Final Mix) by Primum Mobile It may help. ;)
  5. Wave57

    Which Level 3 Gummi Ship Mission is somewhat easy?

    After doing it so many times you will indeed memorize the path. No problem, the gummi missions are a huge pain.
  6. Wave57

    Ice Titan - What do?

    Re: Ice Titan- What do? NEVER cast Aero magic. The little spears only come to you when you don't have Aero in use. Just block those smaller ones like everyone else said, maybe equip Ragnarok if you have it and any/all air combo pluses.
  7. Wave57

    Which Level 3 Gummi Ship Mission is somewhat easy?

    Should be only as wide and tall as your cockpit(Any cockpit), so a 2x2 square. Put Haste2, Holy, and 2 wing gummis behind it and that should be all you need. Edit: Here is a video showing the mission. He did add a radar gummi which is completely unnecessary though. Edit2: I did this mission...
  8. Wave57

    Leveling Pace Question

    No problem! It's a bit tough early on, but once you hit that 40 mark it'll start to pay off.
  9. Wave57

    Which Level 3 Gummi Ship Mission is somewhat easy?

    Re: which Level 3 Gummi Ship Mission is somewhat easy? It is the hardest part of that mission, but there is a spot just right where you can go through. At the very top or side, just in between the panels and the unbreakable boundary. Make your ship long and narrow. I just recently finished...
  10. Wave57

    Synthesis Progression Help

    There are also some of the mini-boss heartless which will require you to have a high MP (Like the sniperwilds and the Pink Agaricus). So make sure you equip accessories and weapons as needed. :P
  11. Wave57

    Leveling Pace Question

    Dawn: 1-40 is faster than normal, 40-100 is slower than normal. Midday: Normal leveling pace. Dusk: 1-40 is slower than normal, 40-100 is faster than normal. There are more benefits to dusk though, in that it will take 10,000~ less exp to hit 100 than dawn. Edit: If you are going for a speed...
  12. Wave57

    Extra things in Wonderland

    I think some you need high jump and glide. I'd come back after you get those.
  13. Wave57

    11 years later: What are you doing differently for your HD playthrough?

    I'm doing pretty much what I did when I replayed KH a couple years ago. +Shield/-Staff. The difference this time is I picked to travel at night so I don't have to get quite as much exp. Aiming to get 100% so I can get the full FM experience. Edit: After I get all of the trophies I might try a...
  14. Wave57

    What are your concerns with 2.5?

    My thoughts exactly. I was really peeved when I learned that I had to beat KHFM three times and KH:ReCoM 6 times. There is no way I would have the patience to play through BBSFM 12 times, even if it is Kingdom Hearts.
  15. Wave57

    I think I'm addicted to this game!

    Cleared the game on proud, am level 54. Working on 100% right now. I just now cleared through the game on Beginner getting my trophies for not dying, not changing equipment and beating the game in under 15 hours, yay! I'm excited to complete KH:FM as I have completed the original KH as well...
  16. Wave57

    Proud Mode Sephiroth Beat; Tutorial Video Uploaded

    Spamming strike raid can also help.
  17. Wave57

    Question about one of the worlds

    Yes, Olympus Coliseum is indeed optional, I just skipped it myself on my speed run. You can also skip Atlantica and I think maybe Halloween Town as well if you don't skip Atlantica.
  18. Wave57

    Stuck at the horde before the final boss

    I had a lot of trouble with that part as well. Bring a ton of items, cast aero a bunch, set Donald and Goofy to support you, spam strike raid as much as you can if you have it. If you don't have strike raid, then sonic blade can be used as well.
  19. Wave57


    Doing Proud without picking the shield just doesn't feel right to me. The extra defense is needed, and leaf bracer, guard, and second chance really come in handy.
  20. Wave57

    News ► Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX- Launch Trailer + Screens

    Re: Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX- Launch trailer + Screens That was an amazing trailer! :D I'm now pumped for this game, just a couple more hours until Gamestop opens...