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  1. Original Sin

    Completion Times

    I finished a mini speed run on Beginner Mode last night, with a final time of 5:44. I also confirmed that the minimum amount of Drops you can have in the game is 9.
  2. Original Sin

    Completion Times

    I kept Drop-Me-Not's on my Command Deck at all times. I actually messed up at the beginning, and had Riku visit the final world first... without getting into spoilers, it meant I had to drop Riku in the same spot twice to let Sora catch up.
  3. Original Sin

    Completion Times

    ...and (maybe) finally... Critical Mode: 16:21 Sora: 36 Riku: 41 Drops: 10 I might do a Beginner Mode run now, just for shits and giggles.
  4. Original Sin

    I think I've wrapped my head around the story, but I'm still unclear on a few things

    When Riku fights the Nightmare, he's still inside Sora's dream, and that Sora he tried to wake up is just a sleeping version of Sora, who is also sleeping. After that fight, he awakens outside of Sora's dream, and is in the real TWTNW in front of Memories Skyscraper. Everything Sora...
  5. Original Sin

    New Organization XIII

    I hope Sephiroth becomes one of the 13. No really.
  6. Original Sin

    Name your dream eaters

    I just added "Thing" to what they sorta looked like. I never found myself getting attached to the DE's for whatever reason.
  7. Original Sin

    Final World with Sora.

    Re: The World That Never Was with Sora. The meeting with Roxas takes place inside of Sora's heart. That's Sora's true form. That's why he appears older and in his normal clothes.
  8. Original Sin

    Completion Times

    18:12 on Proud Mode Sora 36 Riku 40 10 Drops
  9. Original Sin

    KH3D Final Mix Speculation Thread

    Can't fix what isn't broken ;) Like others have said, more story related optional bosses would be nice. Even a couple of extra Flashbacks with YX "recruiting" Xemnas and Ansem from their timelines would be nice to see.
  10. Original Sin

    Question About Xigbar/Braig & Saïx/Isa

    I believe they're from that actual time, they were just at a different World when they were summoned. They actually faded back to Where they belonged; not When.
  11. Original Sin

    About Terra and Master Xehanort

    He was definitely referring to Terra. He tried to find Ven to use his body as a vessel, knowing he was somewhere in Castle Oblivion, but only Aqua can find Ven.
  12. Original Sin

    Questions and Theory about the Blue Fairy and other powerful Disney "mages"

    I am about 99.99% certain that Swordsy is just trolling the entire section. And that's all I'll say about that.
  13. Original Sin

    So the Disney villains REALLY dropped the bomb in this game (not the dream ones)...

    Also: Cornerstone of Light? Doesn't it protect the Castle from Heartless anyway?
  14. Original Sin

    Secret video help

    During Riku's Q&A on Destiny Islands, select the 3rd option first, then the 2nd option, and finally the 2nd again. Beat the game again, and re-do the credits letter collection, and it should be unlocked. I think.
  15. Original Sin

    WTF Frollo

    I assumed it had something to do with Riku being inside of Sora's dreams, and Frollo dying outside of that, so in a weird way he had to die in Sora's dream as well.... or something. Am I making any sense?
  16. Original Sin

    Tron easter egg-Anyone notice this?

    Pareidolia. Though it does look a tiny bit like him.
  17. Original Sin

    Regarding Master Xehanort

    I think the perfect Death Scene would have Xehanort incapacitate everyone but Sora, but still have him weakened. The X-Blade appears, stuck in the ground or a pedestal. Xehanort grasps it, pulls it out, holds it high into the air, and just as he's about to strike Sora down, the X-Blade...
  18. Original Sin

    Huge Plot Hole

    I was under the impression that it wasn't Yen Sid who changed their clothes, but rather Xehanort. Sora and Riku just assumed it was Yen Sid.
  19. Original Sin

    Completion Times

    Standard Mode Sora and Riku Level 31 15:57 Just started Proud Mode, but I'll actually be collecting chests and working on my DE's this time :redface:
  20. Original Sin

    Quick Question (Drop-Me-Not)

    Does using the Drop-Me-Not item reset any of the boosts you get from the previous drop?