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    New Picture Of Braig.

    Re: New Picture Of Briag. thanks for finding that btw yeah thats without a doubt Braig.
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    its riku :P

    Thanks for that im not mad you spoiled it i wasnt going to be able to play it anyway.
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    the 2 main masters

    dont know about Yin Sid being a keyblade weilder maybe he just as knowledge of the keyblade.
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    65/100 review for KH!! what?!

    yeah your right not everybody is gonna like it loads of my friends say its gay. What does he mean about the gameplay system it was some of the reason why it was a good game.
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    BBS TGS 09 Trailer: English Subbed, High Quality, and Cropped!

    hey thanks for that its really helps.
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    Help/Support ► what the fuck

    well if your worried go get checked out but dont be worrying to much until you find out if your friend has swine flu.
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    Diablo 3

    Ryt i dnt know if a thread has been made on this cus i cba to check so sorry if sumone has done a thread on this. Does anyone know wats happening with Diablo 3 i headr it was coming out in 2009 and then it was delyed until 2010 and i haven't heard anything since so if anyone one knows anything...
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    Master Eraqus (?) and Land of Departure

    Thanks for the pic seems more like a samurai warrior than a keyblade master.
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    Favorite KH2 Org. Member

    Axel and Xigbar both are so awesome!!
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    Action Commands good or bad

    ok guys i played both KH and KH2 and whenever i played KH2 i thought sum of it wasnt to much of a challenge and thats because of action commands like the 10,000 Heartless battle i thought it was gonna be awesome but it was to easy cus of the action commands. Other times they were a total life...
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    Help/Support ► Should i end it with my Girlfriend??

    thnks my friends have told me shes the class whore lol i felt it was the right time to end it i saw it not goin any futher.
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    Help/Support ► Should i end it with my Girlfriend??

    hey guys thnks for ur opinions they helped and i did break up with her and she didn't cry and me and her will still be friends. i did it face to face and she was thinkin of goin wiv another guy like 2 days after we stoped dating.
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    Help/Support ► Should i end it with my Girlfriend??

    ano i won't to it by txt i will do it in person hopes she doesn't or just take it well if i do breakup haven't decided about it.
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    Help/Support ► Should i end it with my Girlfriend??

    hey guys i need advice on something ok well i have been going out with my Girlfriend for a few months and we met up last Saturday and it was alryt we kiseed and hugged all that stuff. I enjoyed myself at the time but whenever i got home i just realsed that we have nuffin to talk about whenever...
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    Help/Support ► What's wrong with me?

    Well i see ur intelligent and u kinda now what it is the issue which is a gud sign and im not gonna say i now wat ur going through cus i don't. Well i have lost all of my Grandparents and thats nuffin compared wat has happend to u. well the movies u shouldn't worry about cus u know they aren't...
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    (Revised) translation of new Famitsu interview

    Re: (Rough!) translation of new Famitsu interview hey thanks for the transltion a sercret ending nice PLEASE COME TO EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!.
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    Bbs intro

    hmm im unsure to be honest.
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    God of War 3 Outcome Ideas??

    So guys tell me what you think. Well i think theres gonna be a climatic battle between the Titans and the Gods but Zues and Kratos move away from the battle and Kratos is about to be killed but he grabs the Sword of Olympus uses it kill Zues but kills himself as well. Tell me if u agree.
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    Kingdom hearts Europe site

    yeah i agree the site is quite small and im from Europe so not giving me much info like. I heard from a friend Days has an confirmed date for realse for the UK for October but im unsure if its true or just plain BS. so wat u guys think??
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    Help/Support ► Something on my mind

    i agree keep tough dude and ur will be fine.