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    She's a complete bitch but that's what's good about her. She's kind of like a character you love to hate, which is a good quality for a villain. I also love playing as her in Days.
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    Ice Cream =/= Popsicles

    I'm English, and over here Ice lollies (aka, 'Popsicles') generally fall under the category of Ice Cream anyway.
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    Favorite magic

    In general, the Cure Family Cure- Good to instantly heal Cura- Great how you don't really have to watch your health for a short while after casting Curaga- The worst of the three IMO, but nice in multiplayer as you can help your allies :) I also like Blizzaga though. It's really cool.
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    New Magic Method: Good or bad?

    I think it was better than the MP system in KH2, but there should have been another way to build up your magic again other than using ethers/elixirs.
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    playabe characters

    Yes, but she needs to be unlocked. Just keep playing through the story and you'll easily unlock her.
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    Most Powerful Days Mission Mode Character

    I'm not entirely sure, but I feel like saying Mickey.
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    Mission Mode: Weak Chars

    Really???:eek: I used him to beat the Leech Grave in Mission Mode and he worked fine.
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    Easiest boss

    Crimson Prankster. It wasn't ridiculously easy, but it was fun and once you realised that you needed to kill both of them within about 10 seconds of each other it was fairly simple.
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    Best World in 358/2 Days

    The World That Never Was But on this list, Beasts Castle/Neverland.
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    xDD Who else thought the game was glitched or they made a mistake when (first third of game spoilers

    At first I thought it was a glitch, but later on in the same scene, I thought it was too much of a big glitch to not be plot related.
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    SPOILER ! after day (359)

    I think, for your second question, that Saix simply fulfilled his regular role in Days by sending SOMEONE ELSE to do the mission- that other person being Axel (however Axel may have volunteered seeing as he wanted him back for his own reasons anyway)
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    The Ending

    Yes actually. I played the Roxas vs Axel fight, and realised 'Wait a minute... this is only happening about 10 days after Xion died'. I think the very end of Days could have been explained slightly better tbh. I know it isn't a game for those new to the series, but they should have had DiZ and...
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    Worst world in the game

    Halloween Town. In every game to date, I've found it to be so dull... It had some nice missions and bosses, but the world itself bores me.
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    Memories of Xion

    I thought that it wasn't Namine herself who erased the memories, but just due to her being one fat blob of memories, when she died, she was going to be forgotten by everyone. Namine says 'Even I can't stop that from happening', implying that she didn't do it herself.
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    Xion's feelings

    I think either Xion had a heart like Repliku had (supposedly), or seeing as she was 'made' from memories, her memories of emotion where so strong that she was able to convey them well.
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    Why didn't Xion appear? (Possible spoilers)

    This may belong in the KH2 section, but when Axel died in KH2, Roxas was 'stirred from his sleep' within Sora. This lead to that battle outside Memory Skyscraper/inside Sora's subconcious. Before the final,final battle, Roxas reappears outside of Sora's body as a ghostly apparition. I want to...
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    The touching the sad and the anticlimactic

    Come on! I know the English version of that line was terrible, but the Japanese one wasn't great either. What about just something like 'No! Xion! Don't leave me!' or if they needed to make it clear that Roxas suddeny remembered Xion, he could have said 'Remember our times on the clock tower?'...
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    The Axel and Saix Cutscene

    I've probably completely overlooked this scene, and it's probably simpler than I think it is. But can someone please give me the gist of what they're talking about? (Let's go through it line by line :lol:) Axel: You're sure things are better this way? (what things?) Saix: I never expected...
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    Ay yo, do any of yall....

    ^ Fixed :wink: (character rule)
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    Kairi's keyblade?

    I doubt it, but it could be possible I suppose. But if he did remember Xion, it must not have been a very vivid memory, otherwise he may have mentioned her to someone.