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    tiny bbs things and other drawings

    Hi, I haven't posted anything in a while! About a week ago I attended a local convention and made these keychain things for con-goers. Thought I'd share them here too♥ Aqua was done for RoXS, but I decided to complete the trio And some other things, I draw with blue lead on paper but for some...
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    Persona 3 Portable

    And we finally have an English release date! Image is from the Atlus Faithful newsletter. Official Site: Persona 3 Portable - Atlus A year ago I gave the original Persona 3 100 hours of my life. After that, about 150 for Persona 3:FES. Now another 200 for both Minato and fem!Minato's parts...
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    Birth by Sleep dramaticly boosted PSP sales

    The power of KH! I already have a PSP, but BBS will stop turning the thing into a very expensive paperweight soon. It's been like that for well over a year now. x_x PSPGo beside PSP is just...wow, but it's like the PSPGo doesn't exist anyway. I haven't seen a anyone carry one anywhere. o_o
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    What is your favorite drive form?

    Valor form for me too--I love using that form since I really enjoy the melee-attack playing style. And as a given, I enjoy using Anti-Form as well! Also additional reason because Sora looks extra sexy in red. XD
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    BBS Boxart Contest Winner Is...

    Paint Tool SAI for the sketch/lines, Photoshop CS4 for everything else. Thanks! : ) And thanks again guys T__T Hope there will be more contests like this in the future!
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    BBS Boxart Contest Winner Is...

    Thanks for the thoughts guys it means a lot to me T__T Everyone did a great job! I uploaded the completed version of my entry here and on dA, it's here. : )
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    boxart entry completed version! : D

    Sharing the final version of my boxart contest entry...which looks so different from my original plan. XD Coincidence that I finish this on the same day as the announcements of winners, too! I am still in a state of shock because I never imagined to be placed at all T___T There's a bigger...
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    BBS Boxart Contest Winner Is...

    First place picture is super complicated like whoa. XD Definitely deserving! Grapy's entry is beautiful too--nice style going on and the DI scenery was a nice touch♥♥ I also really like Kai-tun's, there's some really nice drawing skills there! Thanks for putting up decisions for 2nd and 3rd...
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    KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [DEADLINE JAN 9TH] Extension! Extension! /bricked This contest looks like it's getting really big! I wish it didn't happen over Christmas/New Year's though, so little free time. I really hoped that I could have polished mine more, but it is now...
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    KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [DEADLINE JAN 9TH] Whoa that means less time for me aaahhhhh, thanks for fast response! XD
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    KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [DEADLINE JAN 9TH] Quick question, I'm not sure if this was already answered but I did read through the OP and the rest of the thread... The deadline of Jan. 9, what time zone is it? EST? Thanks! : ) *rush rush*
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    What does Nomura mean by this

    Data Install just means that the game will save a few keys and stuff to your PSP's Memory Stick. :) It lets you play the game faster by lessening the load times, because loading from the Memory Stick takes less time than loading from the UMD. Hope that helped! edit: You won't get new...
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    I've been a long-time lurker, but only got the drive the register now. :'D Large communities usually scare me easily, haha! I love Kingdom Hearts, Sora and Ven are my favorites. Can't wait for BBS! I go by the online name of tomokii, and I like to draw. Nice to meet you all!♥