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  1. That_one_Sora


    if you guys want to see more i can surely do that!
  2. That_one_Sora

    Is that you meow

    Is that you meow
  3. That_one_Sora


    hey guys! Sorry i didn't post in awhile, ive decided to do an youtube animated series using these characters
  4. That_one_Sora

    Anybody like the Little Mermaid World ?

    LIKE I HAD SOOOOO MANY QUESTIONS LIKE "Why am I ascending peak NSFW status?" or "should i be concerned with my appearance as a merman?"
  5. That_one_Sora

    Anybody like the Little Mermaid World ?

    I Kinda liked it. except the costume sora donned
  6. That_one_Sora

    On the topic of Jokers inclusion

    This would sum it up very well....
  7. That_one_Sora

    KH3 Presence at 2018 game awards

    we are like 2 days away from the Game Awards Going Down, i have looked over everything. there are some big things going down thursday night, but does it include a KH3 Trailer?
  8. That_one_Sora

    is sora weak without the keyblade? can he take any orgxiii memeber 1on1 with just a normal sword?

    yes, it was shown in the original game. Sora is Defenseless without the keyblade. same thing with Roxas, he is weak to everything without it. but no, he cannot take down the organization with a normal wooden sword.
  9. That_one_Sora


  10. That_one_Sora

    detective pikachu is now a movie......

    You might want to think twice before watching this... https://youtu.be/1roy4o4tqQM
  11. That_one_Sora

    Sora's Stand

    getting closer to wrapping up writing, just needed a few more things. For Sora (the Character I portray) Josuke (a JJBA Character) gives Sora a Stand as a thanks for helping him get out of a situation in a past chapter, the current conflict as follows: Sora and Kairi are getting ready for the...
  12. That_one_Sora

    Billy Zane recalls playing Ansem, sketches him from memory

    but nobody remembered him in Back To The Future: Part 2?
  13. That_one_Sora

    no last names

    im writing a fanfic about my experiences at prom but with Kingdom Hearts characters and im about to wrap up writing. the only problem im running into is that there are no canonical last names for the characters Sora, Kairi, Roxas and Namine. if any, are there last names for the characters...
  14. That_one_Sora

    repairing the relationship machine (thing's broken anyway)

    so we seen a lot of people saying that Sora is going to forget Kairi, we know that Kairi will remember sora. which explains the whole Roxas and Namine thing, but whats up with Axel And Kairi? we do see a bond right?
  15. That_one_Sora

    Timeless River return

    Does anyone think that Timeless River would come Back for KH3? it feels like that world was left for dead in KH2.
  16. That_one_Sora

    pooh's storybook

    i have a question to ask of you all. if is still relevant to Disney, will Square bring the Hundred Acre Wood to Kingdom Hearts 3?
  17. That_one_Sora

    annoying characters

    OK, I BELIEVE YOU. But Fuu is little annoying at times
  18. That_one_Sora

    annoying characters

    because that man is the worst offender of characters.
  19. That_one_Sora

    annoying characters

    Did anyone find setzer a "chip in your pile"?