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    Famitsu - 'Greatest Games of All-Time' list- Bbs in 17 place!!

    well, i just found this in the web. i know that famitsu es far form being objetive, but this recognition to a kingdom hearts game (bbs) is importat. here´s de info page GoNintendo - Famitsu - 'Greatest Games of All-Time' list see ya
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    Aqua on Proud/Criticle Mode

    Aqua story in critical mode have 2 dificults parts. One in radiant garden and the other in neverland. i finish thouse worlds in lvl 14 and 23 so i sugest to train at least untill you have thouse lvls. Each character have dificult parts for example terra final boss is a beach, and final boss of...
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    new re:coded scans

    i just found it.... tidus, wakka and selphie in DI...... http://blog-imgs-36.fc2.com/m/i/n/minami415/__ISO-2022-JP_B_GyRCMmhBfBsoQi0wMDAxXzAwMS5qcGc___.jpg http://blog-imgs-36.fc2.com/m/i/n/minami415/__ISO-2022-JP_B_GyRCMmhBfBsoQi0wMDAyXzAwMS5qcGc___.jpg...
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    bbs nomura interview (e3)

    i found this in the oficial square-enix page for e3 http://na.square-enix.com/e310/newsDetail.html?id=62 edit: i found this other interview in monstervine Why Is BBS on the PSP? Because of the similarities in development concept, performance and design to the PS2, so they feel it would be...
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    nintendo conference in e3

    nintendo is giving an exibition in the e3........... maybe they will say something if re:codded.. so i give you the link there are also other exclusive like zelda and other games The Source For Video Game Media
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    How many of you are actually for Re:Coded?

    is a kh game... i will be stupid if i dont complete the story... i dont have a nds so i have to emulate th thing just like i did with 358/2 days and TWEWY
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    Re: Coded Confirmed - New Images

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Recoded i think its coded but with another game
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    Terra VA is christian Bale..... LOL no kinding

    well, i found this... just look at it.... maybe is fake or something but i dont think so coz its IMBD so TERRA VOICE ACTOR IS CHRISTIAN BALE Christian Bale
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    bbs release date europe 10 september

    lol...well know we have the european release date.......... 10 of september Birth by Sleep : la date de sortie ! sorry for all this posting.....i just want to informate
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    khisland bbs us relase date

    this thread is usless now that we have the release sate of na....so..... you can close this if you want edit: european release date 10 september.... this post is ussles
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    BbS Release Date Announced

    well finaly!!!!!!!!!!!! we have birth by sleep na release date America - release date Sep 7 2010 KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep | SQUARE ENIX Europe - release date Sep 10 2010 KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP this also means that the trailer we see days ago was also oficial se ya
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    khisland bbs us relase date

    well, acording to khisland, today at 17:00 (france time), they will give information in his site about the date of kingdom hearts birth by sleep... here is the news (found it in twitter) Birth by Sleep : des infos ce soir à 17h khdestiny also have the same information. the france square-enix...
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    bbs is winning

    welll, acording to square-enix france, they should say the release date in the next days this is all information i have here is the info form khisland Birth by Sleep : la date fixe cette semaine
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    bbs pached for CF at last!!..

    first..... this worksONLY IN A PSP, custom firmware means that you can run backups (isos) from your psp, without the umd. second..... only yesterday some hakers managed to brake the protection in the game, so in the internet there will we a lot of guy who still dont know about this. this realy...
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    bbs pached for CF at last!!..

    i wont put links with the game or something like that coz its againts the rules ( i think). i just wanna say that some chinese guy finaly parched the game for custom firmware. webs like portal-psp or espalpsp have alredy posted it. this also means that when the english game comes out, it will...
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    Birth by Sleep Remake

    whymake a remake of 358/2 days and bbs¿?..... they only make Re:com coz gba graphycs sucks (but the game is still amazing in gba) and because it was an obsolet console... but nds and psp have still a long life....so... what ive would realy wish is that the make a game (pc game or whatever) with...
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    'His' name is...

    sora......... "he is the conection" like xemnes says
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    Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! [TRAILER RELEASED]

    Re: Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! lol!!....didnt see it for the spoilers tags:P.....srry:P.....i didnt know it was lissar translation:P
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    Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! [TRAILER RELEASED]

    Re: Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! dont know if someone post this translation in this forum (i didnt see anyone).. if someone do im sorry for spam....the second bbs trailer in the jump festa(today) Theater DiZ is probably the one doing the narration... DiZ: “Everything is...
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    Namine and Roxas' Connections to Ven

    well....the true nature of namine is something realy complecated... i thougt they would explain all in 358/2 games when axel find the paper of vexen with the title "the true about namine"--- but the didnt..... and its mostly imposible that the will answer that in bbs (obvious reasons). so we'll...