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    RE: COM Controller problems anybody?

    Re: COM Controller problems anybody? im just gonna try returning the dang game and forget it ever came out. -__-;
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    RE: COM Controller problems anybody?

    Re: COM Controller problems anybody? so i have to go buy a ps2 controller to play the stupid game because this game out of the tons ive played is not compatable with a ps1 analog controller? can someone do me a favor and try out teh game with a ps1 controller if possible?
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    RE: COM Controller problems anybody?

    RE: COM Controller problems anybody? ok. so today i finally have he time to sit down and FINALLY play the game. but BAM! so i havent played ps2 in a while, and it turns out my PS2 dualshock2 controller is busted. no biggie. i have 2 other ps1 controllers, but it seems i cant play the game...
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    Everything We Know About Unbirths So Far

    fudgsicles.. im gonna have go buy a damn psp now. D':
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    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    LOL! bought my first PS2 for it too! like omg! we should so totally talk!
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    Everything We Know About XIV/Xion So Far

    lol. i like her name.. DBABHGTIITOBMOMNBAN. classic! jeeze that brings back olds times... especially since NOBODY believed me the RHG was just a slutty kairi! pufft! but thanx for the info r-k!
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    Hello Guys!

    so just as soon as KH2 came out, i up and abandoned KHInsider and moved to KHU then just plain old stopped with the KH fan-ness. But the guys at KHU are all pricks and theres way more KH news now so now i am back! (LOL like anyone remebers!) anyways let me introduce myself! i used to draw lots...
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    a KH Insider Oekaki Board?

    i think KHI should adopt an oekaki board where fellow fan artists and can draw and share art with each other! it would be lots of fun and bring more people together. it would also help struggling artists or new artists improve their skills through constructive critism abd such. i would sure an...
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    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    good old fashioned commercials! :D and friend recommendations since i thought it was very lame looking... i mean c'mon! final fantasy AND disney together?!? totally reeked of lame.
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep So Far

    WOAH! so much info man! i rly need to get up to date on KH news! xD
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    Antiform sora question

    i ahve a question about anitform. is sora's out fit just his regualr outfit but just all black? im asking cos my friends gonna cosplay as him and i will probally make tehoutfit. XD
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    The 'Ask Sora Show!"

    >.> anybody got any rnadom irreavent questions to ask sora, riku, or axel? i wanna make a flah ananmation for a project but i cant think of anything to good. help meh plz? just post ur random questions!
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    Trouble Getting Final Form.....???

    ^^; it took ,4 hours and levelong up 13 times to final get it. i hit anti form liek 5 times trying ot ge tit. just patice. i gave up thrtyogn ot get it acually. then i got it when i went to teh colleseum. XD my friend got it on her first drive.
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    XD aww! that sux! wheni was palyign i acednelty steppe don my controller cord and it flew out. wheni put it back in the left button was O, R1 was X, and X was triangle an dteh rest of teh buttons didnt work. :D i fixed it tho.
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    Did you like Demyx?

    i felt bad for him. i thougth he was kinda cute. and he sounded and ran liek a girl in teh coleseum! XD
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    KH2 Missing cutscences

    :D did anybody notice thats ome cutscenes that were showed in early previews arent even in teh game anymore! liek the one part wher ethey showed sora fighting at hollow bastion and he runs and jumps for an or member who pulls down his hood. an di wa skinda lookign forward to that too. and...
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    yea. irea dthat on wikipedia liek 2 months ago. If zexy is smokn' Ienzo must have been REALLLY hawt!
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    THE OFFICIAL "Little things I found wrong with kh2" THREAD

    >F they took my dodge roll away no aerogra T ^T >< more roxas! i liek how sora get punched in teh face/hit on teh head alot. =) thats great! the wotld arent short, ya have ta go back to them leter. probaly aound 2-3 hours per world. @_@
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    Roxas or Sora

    ROXAS! but imf allign in loev wit sora again. roxas did have kooler hair tho
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    Let's just face it...

    it kinda disspaointed in that soras story lien dont progress too much. its kida bleh fo rteh forst 7 hours ten it ets oMFG pwn-ing-ness cuz THEN ya get to fight teh org and learn about em. teh roxas segment rocked tho!i cried whenit was over. over all i give it a 8.9 on my epectaing rating. it...