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    Lil help please :P

    Hey every1, i've been on this site 4 a while now but i hav no idea how your supposed to change tht title beneth ur username? like mine sez Heartless....i'm not a bloody heartless!!!:P Can anyone help?
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    Sora is Hotter

    well i dont think ur doctor wuld aprove of u fancing a game character...but im sure we've all been there :P im a dude so i dont think either of them are hot...but sora has always been an annoying lil kid in my mind so i'll say riku, who dusnt love white hair on a kid :P
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    Custom Keyblades?

    a blank keybalde?...wait yer!that would explain duel weilding aswell, ones the original, and the others like a gift from mickey or something that you work on with rare items!thats got me thinking.....but yer hopefully rumor shall become reality eh?fingers crossed!
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    The KH Matrix

    lol we all get hyper sometimes, me especially :P but please not over the word butt :P
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    The KH Matrix

    lol a KH Matrix? tht wuld be interesting :P oh yer the whole wall runnin up thing...that wuld be a cool move!
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    Custom Keyblades?

    Hey everyone, I heard somewhere you could craft your own custom keychains to make custom keyblades, i think it was somewhere on this site, but have we got anymore info on that? :confused: hopefully you will be able to, that would be well cool!
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    Did anybody notice this?

    i dunno.....doubt it, they wouldnt let u b tht powerful wuld they? still h8 the idea of bein newhere near goofy let alone fused wiv him.....*shudders*...hopefully u wuld b able 2 fuse wiv cloud or leon...tht wuld b well cool!
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    I wonder if Sora...

    i bet sometime sora mets up with riku agen and they start fighting side by side like in monstro, that wuld b cool!
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    kh2 dual keyblades

    why r u speaking like thts a bad thing? DUEL WEILDIN ROCKS! i reckon it wuld b well cool to duel weild the oathkeeper and the oblivion like the unknown, tht wuld kick ass!
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    blindfold riku

    i think that they conformed tht wasn't riku, it was the BHK wasn't it?i can't remember....
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    BHK's two partners...

    Well there r like 3 random kids nxt 2 him on the original (i think, cant remember) trailer remember?wiv those stupid glass balls tht they hold up 2 the sun?....hey...wat was up wiv tht neway?!?!?:confused: ah well, neway it might be cloud n leon, tht wuld rock!
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    Who are you most like?

    i would have to say...im kinda like leon and sora combined coz im can be serious and tough sometimes but other times am a gud laugh and genarly a happy go lucky kinda guy :P