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  1. Vox

    I spent some of the best years of my life here. truly i grew up on this platform

    I spent some of the best years of my life here. truly i grew up on this platform
  2. Vox

    i remember you

    i remember you
  3. Vox

    Forum Skin Creation yes?

    Out of curiosity is there anyone floating around the KHI world that has a idea how to make a Forum Skin? i'd really like to meet said person.
  4. Vox

    I Think Blondes are Sexy what about you?

    Obviously i haven't posted a tag in a while so lets just see where this leads. you love it or do you hate it?
  5. Vox

    Looking for a Video Editor

    For my site we need some videos edited AMV style, openings etc for podcast and news. Im looking for editors and creative individuals. Looking for something around these lines. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TecqpJS6OPo
  6. Vox

    Concept Drawings needed for Video Game

    A close friend of mine has stared creating his video game but he needs some concept art drawn of the characters. Anyone good at anime-esque drawings?
  7. Vox

    KHI Pressie Thread

    I'm not sure if one of these exist but i want to make one. Basically here is how things will work. you announce that you want to make a pressie for someone, obviously you can let them know or you can surprise them. you post it here to gift it and vice versa. I have a few presents to give out...
  8. Vox

    Aliquam Revolution Open Applications.

    Open Apps For Design Team Aliquam Revolution What does this mean of course? Well im allowing more members to join us. Simply put you will apply like the following Program of use: Examples: Put as many as you like Feel free to post your applications here or PM me, preferably here so that...
  9. Vox

    Baten Kaitos RP ideas (looking for partners)

    As the title says i'd like to do a RP based off the gamecube series Baten Kaito's for those of you that do not know what it is ( Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) Any ideas or helpers?
  10. Vox

    Katy Perry

    i'm in need of some Katy Perry stocks. Share with me?
  11. Vox

    Vox Avatar Store

    Just dropping Avatars off every now and again here are 5 150x150 and 5 200x200 for you guys that dig the big tars 150X150 200X200
  12. Vox

    Tagging: is it .....

    I've been going across a few Tag sites lately and they have all been dead or very low post count. I'm not sure if you guys are aware but planet renders is shutting down soon and that was a pretty big hub for tags/taggers. Not to mention i havent seen much activity in the Digi media section here...
  13. Vox

    Assasins Creed Revalations VS Saints Row

    Now i know upon clicking this your thinking neither of those work with one another. and your.RIGHT! actually i have a question. i pre ordered both at gamestop but which should i pick up today sinc ei can only afford one. AC Creed or Saints row. i've been juggling this thought in my head for...
  14. Vox

    Vampire Knight

    I've just recently finished vampire knight and i must say i fell in love with the series in the first season. Who has seen it, who was your favorite character? were you dissapointed by the ending or was it fitting? Also i have a unrelated question. Do you know of any animes similar to this ?
  15. Vox

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    Re: HD collection on X360? ^This. As much as we the fans would love a HD remake, and from our perspective it sounds like a sure fire way to get sales and make money. But These companies IE Capcom as stated above make choices that dont quite make since in the normal marketing world at least...
  16. Vox

    Aliquam Revolution

    Aliquam Revolution TUMBLR Creativity flows in each of us. Weather it be arts, or what have you. We all have a special niche for creativity. I'd like to welcome you to the Revolution. The Tagging Crew Vox SuperBia King Sora X Color Me Evil Pablo Retired--- Ultima Star...
  17. Vox

    If it wasnt already obvious

    If it hasn't been obvious to the ones that know me i haven't been here in a year or so but when i came back something caught my eye. where is everyone getting these types of art's from http://forums.khinsider.com/customavatars/avatar4237_127.gif
  18. Vox

    Would you spend full price for HD remasters of the KH series?

    Depends on what content is given i'd say. if final mix is included with KH1 and 2 i'd pay full price
  19. Vox

    Anime Recomendations?

    I'm sure this thread can go further than this later but right now i'd like to know some recommendations for animes that are into high school comedy and romances thats kinda what i'm into right now. Examples of things im looking for Things like - School Rumble ouran high school host club
  20. Vox

    Hit it outside the BOX

    There is without a doubt that there are some truly talented people here in the KHI graphic community. I "used" to be one of them. Since then i've moved into my actual job now which was derived from what i did on khi. This thread was made purely out of my own curiosity, i'd like to know have any...