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  1. june

    best place for a KH photoshoot?

    idk if this thread should go here, but whatever.. So a friend a me are going to cosplay sora and roxas and we are looking for a place to make a photoshoot C: so what kind of place should be good for a sora and roxas photoshoot?
  2. june

    not-so-recent by recen anyway stuff

    uh- I haven't posted anything here in month.. so yeah, I have lots of drawings to show D: prepare yourself for some cute and creepy things. and I still have moar :C
  3. june

    ✖~The RokuShion Hate-Club~✖

    Because they are like the same person D: Owner June Members Goldpanner Affiliates {%}|<~Club for Clubbing Xion with a Club Club~>|{%} /banner, reason and everything will be uploaded later as for now I'm doing homework xD/
  4. june

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    D: I don't remember seeing him!
  5. june

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    the MF in which part of the game appears?
  6. june

    recent stuff

    it have been a looooooooooooooong time since a last posted here xDDD anyway, I got paint tool sai so I have been playing with it lately
  7. june

    not really TM but drawings anyway

    is not really traditional media because I drew 'em at msn while talking with my boyfriend :3
  8. june

    Does Terra ever learn to glide? Jump? Anything?

    Re: does terrq ever learn how to fly...? i want to know if terra gets any ability to jump higher than with "high jump" or he gets "glide"
  9. june

    Does Terra ever learn to glide? Jump? Anything?

    ven flies aqua jumps higher terra... what D:? I finishes with never land but terra keeps jumping as always >w>
  10. june

    this happen when I don't pay attention at school

    can't help but to draw and still have more
  11. june

    dual icecream weilder

    ok, I know, I'm really a n00b. I want to learn more ; ^ ;
  12. june

    Gizmo Gallery?

    I'm trying to get all the treasure chest of ventus now that I finished his story but as I couldn't found them all without help, I had to read a walktrough to see where there where the rest its says that in Dinsey Town I have to go to Gizmo Gallery and activate a machin to gt the chest The...
  13. june

    one question...

  14. june

    one question...

    when does this happened? I ended ventus story and never saw this :C
  15. june

    don't go beyond the light

    followed a tutorial...
  16. june

    rock this tag

    I like it idk about the text though planning on doing some sort of animation with it
  17. june

    I'm back

    back from winter vacations. Strange that I only draw during school and not during my free time. so, here are the drawing I did during the first two weeks of class..
  18. june

    I'm confuse...

    I haven't watched de 3E, but from what I have read here, there are going to be two kh games before kh III which will they be? is one of the mysterious game nomura mentioned month ago one of them?
  19. june

    this can't be good

    used a photo of me of 3 or 2 years ago I don't usually make tags with non-anime stuff do what you usually do.
  20. june

    half of the year passed, lets make a review

    June, the 6 month of the 12 we have, so half of the year is already gone. Many thing have happened, and many will. lets make a review of what he have from the 2010, the good thing, the bad thing, and what u think will happen in the next half