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    I've risen back from that dark oblivion ^_^♪ i have been a member for a long time but in due time and events i forgotten this site completely -_-' it's kinda embarrassing cause KH is one of my favourite games oh might as well start the introduction =p name: Joshua age: as young as 23 can be...
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    Help/Support ► My dad doesn't love me

    wel now you know how 2 be when you have kids someday. and i know how you feel and it sucks.... but you gotta move on.... srry that i'm kinda harsh on you, but the world needs to be like that sometimes
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    It's been a while folks..

    yo yo i'm back to join tha party..whahahah how have ya'll been doing lately? :closedeyes: and to the people i know srry i was gone so long.. :unsure:
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    Opinion on Demyx

    I agree Demyx Rules!!!:thumbup: i like his style, weapon and element
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    i finaly turned 19 yesterday. and i had a great time with my friends. :thumbsup: and i went to the movies. so i wanted to share it with everyone. :thumbup: ciao *Demyx* AKA Joshua
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    Fanfiction ► Zexion: Snowflake

    what a funny story. but it's not like zexion 2 behave like that i think.
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    ..........i cannot wait to play the game. i have been looking forward to this game
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    kairi i think. or aerith and tifa. and last choise yuffie
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    Hiya Everybody. I'm New 2 This forum. Nice 2 Meet Yall. Here Is Something About Myself: Real Name:Joshua. Age:17. Date of Birth:24/02/1989. Hobbie's: 1.Gaming. 2.Basketball. 3.Nfl. 4.Drawing. So Thats About It. Greetings.