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    Rise of a legend- emergence of my legendary character

    yup, I've been working on this character even before Hiroki was made though every time i thought I was finished, he seemed to be god-modding to me so I've always had to clean him up. His bio is very much undone,but I think he's ready to fight. You will notice signs of my other chars within...
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    a Fatal desire- final bout' with cloud/advent

    you had better not have forgotten about this FA, or if you have, I'll just turn this into an open challenge, and offer the opponent my gifts. anyways, here it is, I'll post my templates as before, so you don't have to ask for them later p.s. also edited Hiroki's bio and weapons( bolded them)...
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    a deal with the devil

    can it be done? i remember in the bible, that satan tried to make one with jesus(cant remember the passage, but its when jesus was in the wilderness for 40 nights) just wondering, is all
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    Goodbyes are bittersweet..... 1v1-2v2 battle

    yep, as the name implies ;D a week to finish this battle? easy enough. All right cloud, this is it, give it your all. Don't disappoint me now... I don't think this has ever been done before, so lets do it..... a 2v2 with only 2 people =D continuom of course, though no deaths >.> remember...
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    Ergo Proxy

    just watched a couple of episodes of it, and I must say, I like it. It felt a bit like GiTS to me, but i never really liked that naime, but I like this one. So far the story is revolving around a woman named Lil, who is working for the police or government(still havent figured it out yet >.>)...
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    vade MacuM//x. gFX Assignment #2

    We past our first week as a clan! We shall commemorate this occasion with an assignment >:3 #2 FLCL on your mind? thats right, you have to make a tag wthat has something to do with FLCL(fooly Cooly, or furi curi if you must know) heres some stock you can use(note: you can use other stock)...
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    Lucy, Daughter of the devil

    anyone seen this show? I saw it at like 2:00 a.m. yesterday, it was hilarious xD lots of deaths, lots of satanic symbols, and jesus comes back as a hippie DJ! who can't love that, i ask you... anyways, has anyone besides me seen this, and are there more episodes to it, cause I wanna see more...
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    vade MacuM//x. gFX Assignment #1

    Hey everybody! Lets get this clan off on a great start, k? Assignment #1: Blast from the Past I'll start it off easy, hardly no boundaries... Rules: -Use stock of something you USED to like (I.e. pokemon,Digimon, megaman, etc.) -Any type of style - due next Friday ( august 4th) Lets see...
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    half-life, fable, guild wars 1 and 2..... and CS2

    Hey, i was just wondering, since I'm going to get photoshop CS2 in the upcoming week, will I be able to play it? I can play all the games listed above, but what irks me is that the requirements on PSCS2 doesnt say anything about my processor( intel celeron), so I was wondering if it would still...
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    just a little battle...

    hey everyone =), the graphics section couldn't keep me away from this place, so I thought I'd have a battle. The battle won't start until Wednesday 4:00 (GMT) Its one battle for me, then back to graphics ^^ regular rules apply- morpheaus's rules apply be literate ( I don't mind mistakes from...
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    Image hosting sites

    can anyone point me to any sites( like photobucket), the one i'm using shrinks photos sometimes >.> thanks =)
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    windows XP style ;_;

    i deleted it from my computer a couple of hours ago without realizing it, i miss it. Anyone know where i might be able to download the style again?
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    CS2 problems...

    well I'm about to get photoshop CS2, and i was wondering, will it run on my computer? the requirements say taht it needs intel Xeon, Xeon dual, Intel centrino, or pentium 3 or 4 processors. my computer has an intel inside celeron processor, will it be able to run it still? if it doesn't...
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    "Rise against"

    hmm, weird, there were two threads on this. anyways.... the band is pretty good, even i can't help tappin my feet to them, especially since their an enviromentalist band. heres one of their songs ready to fall anyone heard of this band yet?
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    ~A Nation's Fall- Vizen's Story~

    The beasts of Legend left only one gift before departing... Power... The power to prosper and ruin, to save and destroy, to cleanse and currupt... For there is never good without evil No truer words could be said about Visen, the nation of ruin. Its cities lie on the ground, destroyed by...
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    great buys for the Ps2

    hey, well since the Ps3 is coming out this year, with a price tag of $500-600 dollars, and the games $60-100 each, i thought we should make a list of all the great buys for the Ps2, for the people to poor to afford the Ps3 at its launch... I can only think of a couple right now anyone can add...
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    bored, so i thought i'd do a test... a naruto test ;)

    well, heres the quiz- http://www.quizfarm.com/test.php?q_id=2685&first=yes You?re Sasuke, the angsty popular kid. Good-looking, cool and smart ? you?re admired by many. However, you don?t care about people that much. You have one ambition, one goal in your life, and when it comes to that...
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    "Contradictions" in the bible

    First off, no hating in this thread, I just want to know what others think. ------------------------------- With that said and done, is the bible contradicting itself? I think I found one, and I'll put why I think it is... God created angels, yes? They were made to love God for eternity, not...
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    a warm-up match for my new character....multi-former?!

    all right, I got a new character up and running so I thought i'd put him through a warm-up fight. I'll post his template up tommorow, but just wanted to put this out here! also, this is a warm-up fight, so please if your like LoC, don't kill him in a spectacular fireworks show. rules are as...
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    Paranoia Agent.....ftw?!

    anyone seen this show? Its on adult swim sometimes, and its really weird, not random though, just weird. Its about this cerial killer, thats a kid, who goes by the name of "Little Slugger" and he somehow kills everyone who is really messed up at the moment( going through stuff, want to die, or...