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    are you sure they aren't both dudes?
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    Sanctuary Remix Part II!

    on a scale of 1-10, 1 is worst and 10 is best. i say 2
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    like the last two said, there are already a bunch of guides to whooping good ol' sephi. you had to get to lvl 99 to beat him? i beat him at like lvl 50 something
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    when did you get final form

    i was fighting saix, needed an hp/mp refill so i went for valor and got final. saix died 10 seconds later.
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    Least Favorite Heartless or Nobody.

    nobodies- assasians and berserkers heatless- red jazz
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    Final Form!! help me plz

    i forgot to mention that once you go final the first time which is random like i said above, you can use final any time you want.
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    Final Form!! help me plz

    Final form can be obtained after the cut cenes at Memory's Skyscraper in TWTNW. After this, the transformation to final will occur randomly while driving. This means that you could get it 5 MINUTES later or five DAYS later. You DO NOT have to be in TWTNW to get final form after the cut...
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    Help From Micky?

    when you die in the fight, the screen tuns white and gives you three options. "never give up" "can't go on" or "load from last save". To fight as mickey you have to choose "never give up". As mickey, you can beat the enemy down to 1hp. You must finish the boss off with sora. Your main goal as...
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    lmao, you're not evan talking about the right game!*keeps laughing* They're talking about kh2. In easy, you can't get it. normal, beat all worlds; cups; all mini games; and fill jiminy's journal. proud - beat the worlds
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    But Why....

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    But Why....

    ^ super spam! this has nothing to do with the topic...
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    But Why....

    the point of playing as roxas is to learn the basic controls, teach you the trialngle reaction thing, and to get you excited about the rest of the game. besides, you get to (put the spoiler incase someone didn't know)
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    because of the squirlls with hack saws. actualy, who knows? some copy right thing from what my mom said.
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    (sorry if this is spam) i know the guys that work at my game stop(had some classes with them) and they're as obsesed about kh2 just the same as us all. and i'm kinda glad it releases on the 29th for me. lol got a tennis game the 28th. couldn't get it till the next day anyway.
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    my game stop said that people who reserved/preordered the game can get it the 29th and people who didn't have to wait till the 30th(sucks for them). i live in mississippi but i'm not sure if this applys to all the game stops in the state.
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    what willcha do when the chills come to u

    get the game, read the manual on the way home because the driving privlages have been yanked, get home, start the game, then play it with an interuption every 5-10 minutes because parents know just when to intrupt you at the good parts in a game.
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    stupid, stupid people

    i agree with you yet i must disagree as well. everyone has an oppinion and some people just don't like the game. let them rant and rave about how they think it sucks and then just laugh at them on the side and think of how they are missing such a good game. hey it's not your fault they're stupid.
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    The World That Never Was Cutscenes.

    Not sure if these were posted yet but they all have the cuts from the world that never was. they are all in japanese http://youtube.com/watch?v=Vjvl4DLs41c&search=Kingdom%20Hearts%202%20-%20Final%20Cutscenes 1/11...
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    When KH2 comes out what will you do?

    i doubt every one will just up and abandon the site. more than likely, people will start talking about things they find and funny things they did. i'll probly play like my life will end if i shut off the game. that is, after i do a victory dance.
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    KH ending.

    This is about something some one pointed out to me. I put it in this section because it has no real signifigance. At the end of KH 1 why didn't Sora just jump over onto the piece of land Kairi was on? Sure they would never see Riku again but why not just hop over to destiny islands and live...