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    I've Discovered A Connection Between Ff Vs. 13 And Kh2's Secret Video!

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    Kingdom Hearts II Volume 2. The Destruction of Hollow Bastion Confirmed

    wow cool, i hope someone translates the book and puts it up for viewing
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    OMG, OMG I just noticed this!!!!

    Its weird cuz i only noticed it the second time i played through the whole game I am now playin on Proud Mode, and i am on the final boss. Do u know the first time u fight the armored Xemnas with Donald and Goofy(or Riku). Well if u look all around him u will notice every single weapon that...
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    KH2's Broken Promises

    yeah i still remember when they talked about the Hermes Tail or Zeus' Thunder and i got excited bout it. But now that i think about it its good they dint put it. It would be cool if they put Real-time. How many of u remember when they said u would make ur own custom keyblades (it turns out the...
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    Peace Homies

    I for one love Kingdom Hearts so much. i loved Kingdom Hearts 2 but not as much as i thought i would. When i was kh and watched the ending, i felt weird inside like i wanted more and that it was touching, When i finished Kh2 i was like o.k., thats really great, now how come i dont have the same...
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    Special song downloadable~

    thnx soo much Xaldin.....thank u, thank u, its amazingggg! Better than the original
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    Special song downloadable~

    this might be stupid but it doesnt download for me. it tells me to wait but the time never comes. is it ok if u can put it on filefront or smthn.(RAPIDSHARE IS TOO CONFUSING) and its not workin for me. Thnx!
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    Kingdom Hearts II 3rd Xemnas battle landing point?

    thats soo cool....it would be cool if it like took u to a secret place(like a hidden place in the game) but its not soo i shd stop imagining
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    Ultima Blade VS. Fenrir

    ......Ultima but i feel there is something mysterious about the fenrir llol
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    ff7 sidestory

    it doesnt have much to do Wid FF7:AC
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    challenge for KH2 owners

    Destiny Mode has been confirmed fake.STOP SAYIN THERE IS ONE...(but it would be great if there was)
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    Official "I beat KH2" thread

    i beat it on Standard, 100% Jiminy Journal. Working through Proud now!!
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    Stupid Question-Plzz Answer

    Yeah..This has nthn to do with kingdom hearts but....... Is the Advent Children DVD that is selling at DVD stores around the world in English, or is it Japanese voice acting wid English subs. I just dont want to make the mistake of buying it if it is Japanese. Any help would be great (Dont flame...
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    You're most ideal scene in KHII!

    hello how old is thios/....
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    Dead organizations in KH2

    wtf...wat is thiss...nthn is shiowin
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    Least Favorite Charactor in KH2

    Demyx is such a gurl...lol Roxas was kinda depressed Aerith has the worst voice ever That ya'know guy pissed me off And that damn Seifer, i beat him ten times and he still says, u have no chance(that bastard,hehe)
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    Plzz Watch This Cutscene Again!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kI-yrDSu4x0 Go to this link. Watch the scene. About 3 mins and 6 seconds into it. Ollette goes like added to what we know have, we have 5000 munny, then immediately after u hear someone say "Sweet" in a weird, funny voice. Its kinda deep. Who could have said it...
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    yeah..This is strange, but if i had to pick it would be Kairi or Rikku from FFX(shes fine!)
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    Who Feels The Same Way!!

    I want u guys to be honest. I know that disney puts all the spirit into the game and stuff, but dont u think they just suck all the seriousness out of the game. For example, do u remember the scene where Kairi, Sora and Riku reunite and Sora starts crying over Riku.....well that was supposed to...