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  1. Rix

    [SPOILER] KH2.8 discussion

    Well. I don't know to say if I was disapointed, but I was more like So I had a more of a meh reaction to it xD
  2. Rix

    Anyone experiencing pauses during cutscenes in 0.2?

    Yeah it happened to me during one cutscene. It was very brief, but still noticeable. I'm playing on a Pro though.
  3. Rix

    [SPOILER] KH2.8 discussion

    So I finished 0.2 and back cover yesterday and can safelybtrturnnto the forums without getting spoiled xD Gonna quickly shate my opinion about it. To add some more buffer, I'm gonna say that I was fine with Mickeys model. I thought it looked weird in the scans before playing the game...
  4. Rix

    KH2 Donald & Goofy vs KH1 Donald & Goofy.

    Gotta agree with everyone else that their characters and story are better in KH1. As for the gameplay, I liked them better in KH1 as well. Found rhem to be way more reliable and useful. I do like some of thir abilities and limits in KH2, but they are overall better in KH1.
  5. Rix

    How would you react to...

    That's what I call a challenge!
  6. Rix

    How would you react to...

    Would have fangasmed :) Thr ps2 could barely handle the battle as it was though, but I wish they had added it in the remix...
  7. Rix

    Sora's Voice

    It does sound weird when he's trying to sound young. But I don't really see it as that much of a problem. HJO has voiced Sora for so long now. It would have felt even weirder if they replaced his voice with someone else.
  8. Rix

    Animated Disney shows in KH3

    Inspired by the Elena of Avalor thread. Is there any animated Disney TV-shows that you think would work in KH. Personally, I think they should only stick to movies and I don't think it's very likely that they would resort to TV-shows. But if they did, I personally think that the Aladdin TV-show...
  9. Rix

    What are you going to do with your original copy of Dream Drop Distance?

    Well. It depends if you're a collector or not :) I keep my old games because I just like to have them in my collection :)
  10. Rix

    What are you going to do with your original copy of Dream Drop Distance?

    I'm just gonna keep it in my collection :) Like, I own the HD remixes, but I do still keep my original Ps2 games despite of that. I've also kept my copy of BBS.
  11. Rix

    10 years!

    Yep, I signed up here 10 years ago today :) I haven't really been much active here in the last 5-6 years or so, but I've recently returned because... Well, I did really miss this place, and it's impossible to really leave khi for good. I sigbed up with the user name rixam, and capitalized the...
  12. Rix

    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 Screenshots!

    Yeah, Mickey looks a bit off to me too. The "forest" looks more like thorns to me, so I guess Aqua is in Enchanted Dominion.
  13. Rix

    Worst KH pairing?

    Come to think of Goofy x Boulder. The boulder almost killed Goofy. It was never meant to be.
  14. Rix

    Worst KH pairing?

    I agree with you. Not a fan of AkuRoku and SoKai and Kairi in general. Not too fond of RokuNami either, or VenAqua.
  15. Rix

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    I've really been enjoying replaying the games. Sure, there are moments that annoys me just as much, if not more than before. But I'm still enjoying the games. This is my first time playing the final mix versions, so I still got a lot of stuff to do that I haven't done before.
  16. Rix

    EU Version of DDD only with English, French and German subtitles.

    hahahahaha. omg. I can almost imagine the voice actors they would use already xD
  17. Rix

    EU Version of DDD only with English, French and German subtitles.

    All the KH games have been released in Norway in englihs with english subs. And that's fine by me. I understand that it sucks for other countries that is used to dubs/subs though. But I hope they'll continue to not dub the games in norwegian.. That would've been kinda awkward.
  18. Rix

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You But it's somehow more fun to just start a new game.
  19. Rix

    The Reapers' Game

    Too be completely honest, I didn't really like TWEWY all that much at first and was kinda dissapointed... But after playing it a second time after a good while, I did really love it. So if you feel the same way as me at first, please give the game a second chance.
  20. Rix

    Kingdom Hearts Concept Sketches + Discussion

    Those sketches makes me wanna ship SoKai. Their interaction looks adorable in the sketches. Too bad it didn't turn out like that. Oh well.