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    Organization's strongest members?

    ROXAS!!!!!! <3 (fangir big time lol^^l) and then axel and zexion
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    me mess up ven name my bad
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    who is she i have so many ? but the main one's are who nobody is she and dose she have something to do with riku *and on 2 different subject three people told me that van and sora are related but how and is there anybody that know you terra knows why his eyes change to goldish yellowish and is...
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    kingdom hearts 2 manga vol. 3

    i think it got yeop it did or go check tokypop
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    aqua/xion theory

    i dont get it aqua is in birth by sleep which happen before kingdom hearts 1 ten years ago.and in kingdom hearts 358/2 days which is when sora is sleeping roxas story happens number 14 look like her some people that people say that there are the same person but i dont know does anyone know this...
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    Something short about Xion and Roxas

    i dont ever think that aqua/xion or what ever because is the same person but thats different story. and no axels says no matter who many times you run away i'l lalways bring you back and namine says that the i want to meant you part if you wave any more questions you can ask me because you can...