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  1. kirabook

    Did Xehanort get off too lightly?

    Another beat down is not what I was looking for. As I said, we beat him up enough already and it's clear he couldn't fight anymore. I wanted words and glances to be exchanged. Even if it all resulted in the same way and Xehanort willingly gave up his x-blade and flew away with Eraqus, I feel...
  2. kirabook

    Did Xehanort get off too lightly?

    For my own personal reasons, I would've liked if everyone he hurt got a final send off. Whether it was words of spite or they somehow found a way to forgive him I dunno. We get Eraqus looking at them like "They are the future" but Xehanort is still in fight mode and doesn't even seem to...
  3. kirabook

    About the writing... (Fun discussion)

    For BbS, I think the biggest hit to the game was being compressed onto the PSP. I feel like the game was originally much bigger than what we got and some important context was left on the cutting room floor. I feel like the plot required Aqua to distrust Aqua to push Terra further into...
  4. kirabook

    What are some really common KH misconceptions?

    That Sora was the only keyblade master/wielder when the first game literally has 3 of them already.
  5. kirabook

    The Persona Thread (Spin-offs galore!)

    A lot of people are super upset about the recast, though strangely I am not. I was surprised and honestly kinda pleased with some of the new voices.
  6. kirabook

    The Persona Thread (Spin-offs galore!)

    A correction was made on that. It specifically won't have The Answer and Kotone. Many features from FES and Portable will be in the game, some of which you can gleam from the footage they've shown so far. Not to mention the additional stuff they'll be adding based on the interview and some more...
  7. kirabook

    The Persona Thread (Spin-offs galore!)

    Just wanted to state i've been losing my goddamn mind over the Persona 3 remake and I don't think I'll ever recover.
  8. kirabook

    What would be a twist that would make you quit the series?

    At this point, probably nothing.
  9. kirabook

    About, Ventus, Xehanort and the chamber of waking (Fun discussion)

    That is true. Ven's heart might've been with Sora, but his body (and mind?) were still sleeping in Castle Oblivion. Ven's empty vessel could have been useful either for possession, or again, to try and crack that brain of his for information. Ven's heart is not the only valuable thing about him.
  10. kirabook

    About, Ventus, Xehanort and the chamber of waking (Fun discussion)

    Well, as it was revealed in UnionX, Ven wasn't just a means to create the Xblade, Ven is someone from the past yeeted into the present day. Although he didn't appear to remember anything, there could still be secrets locked up in that brain of his. If given enough time, maybe Xehanort would've...
  11. kirabook

    General ► Dating Experience [NOT AN ADVICE THREAD]

    None! Unless you count a couple of weeks in middle school dating some boy. I hated every second of it. I didn't hate him, but I hated the entire experience. I remember the first time he asked me to hug him and the the dread that washed over me must've been visible across my entire body. I felt...
  12. kirabook

    Why does green often go with red and blue as a three-color combination?

    Red, blue, and green are technically the primary colors but most people today consider red, blue, and yellow as the primary colors due to paint pigmentation and aesthetics. Also, I assume making a nice yellow with old animation style might've been difficult or something.
  13. kirabook

    Multiple playable characters...(Fun discussion)

    I wouldn't mind more BbS structured games AS LONG AS they've taken the criticisms over the years to heart and improve from their previous work. I love BbS to death BUT you can tell how much it's suffered being originally a PS2 game trimmed down to fit the limitations of the PSP. A few problems...
  14. kirabook

    Feelings about the 20th Anniversary so far

    As far as game anniversaries go, I think this one is pretty standard. My gaming history memory is a bit fuzzy at the moment, but don't think these year long celebrations were very common back in the day. If all the content they released this year was only on the day of the Kingdom Hearts...
  15. kirabook

    Feelings about the 20th Anniversary so far

    It's nice and casual, which I think is a good thing for a year long celerbration. Dropping actual content throughout the year too (the KH4 announcement, Dark Road, Missing Link?????). Merchandise is out of my price range, but pretty to look at. Was the Smash reveal this year too? That was pretty...
  16. kirabook

    Voting is up for the Game Awards 2022

    It is exquisite. I didn't ugly cry. But it's been hours now and I'm still tearing up. It is currently 3am and I can't sleep because all I'm thinking about is God of War. I am a mess of feelings.
  17. kirabook

    Voting is up for the Game Awards 2022

    Too lazy to look at what's up for voting but my GOTY's this year is definitely God of War and Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
  18. kirabook

    Film ► Why does everyone hate the prequels, special editions, and the sequels? (Fun discussion)

    I've seen all the Star Wars movies at least once. They're ok, but I don't have a huge attachment to them. I was starting to a little when the Force Awakens was released. My dad was excited so I tried to catch myself up a little bit on the lore but it quickly became overwhelming (I'm someone who...
  19. kirabook

    Strelitzia and Kairi

    If it's the comics I'm thinking about, it's the ones where Sora is typically working a retail job. Riku usually finds him and Sora has no idea who he is and treats him as a regular customer. They range from serious angst to completely comical. There is no canon justification. Just headcanon. I...
  20. kirabook

    Strelitzia and Kairi

    Strelitzia was created just to die, at least in UnionX. I wish they had spread out her story maybe a little more, have her more prominently around before killing her off but whatever. I'm actually really interested in where they're going with Strelitzia since she's in the same place as Sora...