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  1. Foxycian

    Why is Aqua considered the main character of bbs and not terra?

    hello i played birth by sleep a lot and despite there are 3 main characters i always assumed there's one character that is more important then the other 2 just like sora riku and kairi etc so anyhow, one interview of nomura i just found out that really confused me, in that interview nomura said...
  2. Foxycian

    need explanation please Something been bothering me about birth by sleep lore

    hello i played birth by sleep a lot and despite there are 3 main characters i always assumed there's one character that is more important then the other 2 just like sora riku and kairi etc so anyhow, one interview of nomura i just found out that really confused me, in that interview nomura said...
  3. Foxycian

    kh3, kairi wasn’t useless!

    i know i know lol i said i won't comment again in this site but i lm seeing a lot of hate for kairi and even i was disappointed in her but i won't call her uselss i may still have soft spot for kairi but still im only telling the truth, kairi is not useless, can anyone claim she is useless when...
  4. Foxycian

    many might not like this but i really want KH game about MX in his past adventure as YX

    i know xehanort saga ended but we never really saw xehanort traveling the world apart from his reports, how was his early life? the adventures he had in disney worlds etc guess it's just my opinion since YX my fav character lol but i really want him to have at least dlc playable character even...
  5. Foxycian

    i think Alyson ruined kairi's character?

    she just doesn't fit as kairi, i love alyson voice with Xion it is fitting but isn't suitable for kairi, it just doesn't, kairi in kh1 had that tomboy attitude she deserved a voice similar to hayden at least, kairi isn't soft so why does kairi sound like hmmm how to say the a girl...
  6. Foxycian

    in honor of master xehanort

    i know i said i won't post theards anymore but kh3 was ending of xehanort a character that has been with us for 15 years, despite all the terrible stuff he has done, I want to list the Good things Xehanort has Done for us 1) bringing friends together, ventus terra and aqua, roxas axel and xion...
  7. Foxycian

    my kingdom hearts journey "thanks for everything"

    it was a long wonderful journey and i enjoyed the whole ride with all of you the fans all over the world since 2002 till 2019, it was truly a magical adventure but now it has come to an end, kh3 is most likely gonna be my last kh game guess time for me to move forward and focus on the future and...
  8. Foxycian

    leakers if you could see or hear me can you leak one thing for us><

    is kairi playable or not:(
  9. Foxycian

    Vincent valentine as a secret boss?

    we might not get any FF characters But! one of the secret bosses is possible likely Gonna be a FF character and if if we end up getting Vincent in the game would you want him to be secret boss or ally? we know vincent was supposed to appear in kh like woody and buzz were supposed to appear as...
  10. Foxycian

    how will bbs trio react to zack's death?

    it's possible the bbs trio run into FF characters in other kingdom hearts games (or maybe kh3 who knows) and what would you think their reaction if cloud or any off FF cast told them Zack is dead.
  11. Foxycian

    here's why I think those who die will return

    in the trailer we saw our heroes fall and Sora screaming hinting either riku or some of his friends died but then we see sora in Scala ad Caelum alone and there he meets chirithy and chirithy tells him "but don't you already know how to restore a hearts after its lost" which means those who did...
  12. Foxycian

    all 13 playable worlds of kingdom hearts worlds are finally confirmed?

    we saw gameplay of 13 worlds now Toy story tangeld monster inc big hero 6 winnin the Pooh pirates of carribean frozen Hercules twilight town mysterious tower realm of darkness keyblade graveyard Scala ad Caelum so is that all the world's? it will make sense having 13 worlds as for radiant...
  13. Foxycian

    So far namine's hasn't appeared in any of the trailers how come? is her role not that important?

    I don't remember seeing her in any trailer at all, I know she's in the game cover and I know she's in the full opening trailer but why wasn't she at least showen once? even xion was showen
  14. Foxycian

    what's your review on this game^^ (despite some didn't get what they want still) im hyped

    welp complaining won't get us what we want:< the lack of disney worlds and we still don't know if kairi is playable or not but either way the game look's beautiful are you excited? if you had to review it where would you place it? 1) Amazing!!! 2) Very Good 3) Great 4) Good 5) Not bad 6) it's...
  15. Foxycian

    ok no new world disappointing but we can move on...but seriously no kairi's gameplay...

    I can tolerate with 8 worlds but seriously are they not gonna give us 3rd playable? and just sora and riku...kairi is part of the trio she better be playable.
  16. Foxycian

    would you replace maleficent for Jafar or hades as the main disney villain or just keep her?

    we have square Enix main villain Xehanort then we have disney main vialln maleficent but if you had the choice to replace her would you?
  17. Foxycian

    is ratatouille a world in kh3 or just mini game?

    the new trailer showed one scene with ratatouille and we saw the restaurant this time while in the old trailer we just saw the kitchen so is it a world or just mini game? if so would make sense since the possibility of getting 9 world is decressing and ratatouille could be a world (hope so) i...
  18. Foxycian

    Could this be the Master of masters true intentions!?

    i'll make it short, now with the masters true intentions the master of masters saw all the events and probably the war in kh3 as well so we can't tell if his evil or not since he created the dandelions to keep the light alive so he probably and I can only guess but I think in kh3 after the war...
  19. Foxycian

    is kingdom hearts xehanort story or sora?

    it's strange but whenever I think of kh the first characters to come into my mind are either xehanort xemnas or ansem and pretty much the story revolve around xehanort and I asked many people and they replied that the story focuses more on xehanort meanwhile sora just jumping disney worlds for...
  20. Foxycian

    did Xion ruin roxas and namine's relationship? and should namine's just move on?

    Roxas at first loved xion (yea im aware not love just friendship in this game) but after she disappeared roxas forgot about her he started to developed some certain of bond or connection with namine so what do you think is the bond between them still exist or should namine's just move on?