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  1. Vaddix

    Secret Ending Criteria

    Hello everyone! For a combination of helping out a friend and for my own archival purposes, I'm trying to document as thoroughly as I can the full list of criteria for all secret endings in the series, along with any circumstances surrounding them (see below for what I mean on this last bit)...
  2. Vaddix

    The Dark Margin and Adjacent Realms

    Hi all, apologies in advance if this is the wrong place for this thread, I just figured it might be relevant to KH0.2, especially at its end, but if there is a better place, feel free to move this! Some time ago, Nomura elaborated in an interview the layout of the beaches we see Sora/Riku...
  3. Vaddix

    Hollow Bastion- Music Instruments

    I've been listening to the tracks of Hollow Bastion from both kh1 and ReCoM, and have been trying to decipher different instruments used in the song. In both, the very first note is hit by two instruments: a large bell, and something else. This something else continues on its own for about 6...
  4. Vaddix

    Nobody Age Factor

    Howdy, I keep reading threads stating that it has been said that Nobodies don't age. I'm positively certain I too have read this somewhere before, but could someone please direct me to where Nomura or the like confirmed this factor? It's also been mentioned that Nomura described Xemnas as...
  5. Vaddix

    Saix Questions

    A quick few questions... The first, could someone explain Saix's elemental moon power to me? I'm well aware the moon has greater significance elementally in Japanese culture, but I don't quite understand the concept of what his moon power really is. The blue shockwaves and flames and whatnot...
  6. Vaddix

    Contacting Nomura

    Hey, I'm sorry for just putting this in the wrong section like this, but I need to know if there is like, any possible way to contact Tetsuya Nomura via e-mail or something? I realize that he's very important and has little time to answer the questions of a simple fan such as myself, but don't...
  7. Vaddix

    Ultimate Keyblade Master

    We've heard of this ultimate keyblade master guy to whom Terra,Ven, and Aqua are apprentices. This may sound EXTREMELY weird, but I have an idea of who this might be. I think it is.......................... (Drumroll.....................)...
  8. Vaddix

    Organization Elements

    Hello, everyone. Here's something that's had me very conflicted for a while. What are the elemnts for each Organization member? I will list my main theory here with the "not so sure ones" in bold (also for the elements I did not have one single name for, I will type the one I believe most...
  9. Vaddix

    Crossroads: Questions

    Hello, I have some questions about the crossroads. First of all, if you find yourself at these crossroads, when you go down a path, does it take you to the realm of that name (i.e. realm of darkness) or does it just represent what path your heart took. Secondly (if that's a word), what do Dawn...