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  1. SentimentOfTruth

    Idea for San Fransokyo Introduction

    So, it was recently mentioned in an interview that Nomura may be able to show off Big Hero 6 soon, and having coincidentally re-watched the film for the up-tillionth time, an old idea I'd had since San Fransokyo was revealed to be a world came to mind, and I thought I'd like to share it...
  2. SentimentOfTruth

    Character Customization in KHIII

    So, I'm sure we've all seen the final trailer for 2.8: FCP by now. Thus, I'm sure we're all aware of the customization option that is present on 0.2. To summarize, for those who may not have seen it (somehow), players can customize Aqua's attire in "a fragmentary passage", by changing the...
  3. SentimentOfTruth

    Lingering Will's Actions in KHIII

    This is the first Thread I've made, so you'll have to excuse if it's in the wrong spot or already exists. If it qualifies for either of those, feel free to move/alter it as you see fit. :) I've seen a lot of stuff about the Xehanorts and the like, but I haven't seen much about one particular...
  4. SentimentOfTruth

    Greetings, Forum-Goers!

    Hi there! My name's Alex; but for the purposes of forums, I like to go by Truthful Sentiment. Or... Truth. I have many names, to say the least. Go with what you like. Either way, good to meet you all! I've liked Kingdom Hearts since I was a small child, and started with Kingdom Hearts II...