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  1. breaktheice16

    I was hoping for a physical version

    Darn. I wish there was a physical “Final Mix” edition that included everything on the disc, kinda like FF15 Royal Edition. It would’ve been nice to have for collectors. 😪
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    What are the most annoying enemies in the series?

    Out of all the Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, and Dream Eaters (not including bosses), what are the most annoying to you? Here are my picks: Invisible Anchor Raider Hot Rod Assault Rider Devastator Emerald Blues Graveyard Neoshadow (in CoM) Tank Toppler Mandrake Drill Sye Aura Lion Dancer...
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    My issues with KH3

    So now that I’ve had time to process and lose the delusion that KH3 is not as perfect as I believed it to be the first couple months after it’s release, here are my issues/complaints about the game, both story wise and gameplay wise. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s a fantastic game, and...
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    KHUX promo!!!

    On Tinder!!! 😂😂😂😂 Grindr should be next! 😂😂😂
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    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered coming 2019!!

    After years of wondering, FFVIII is finally being remastered and releasing this year on PS4, Xbox One, Steam, and Switch!!! • French developer Dotemu is assisting with the remaster. • Most of the the original version’s development team is working on the remaster, including Director...
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    DLC preview at TGS?

    I know this is a long way away, but I can’t really see them previewing it at E3. I’m pretty sure Square’s focus at E3 with be FF7R (and MAYBE that Avengers project.) I see it more likely that actual footage will premiere at TGS with a winter release for it. I know that seems like forever...
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    The Chamber of Repose

    Is anyone else bothered that we didn’t get any explanation for this room and it’s meaning? And Xigbar told Zexion that he heard someone else talking with Xemnas in there. I almost thought it could be related to Subject X, but seeing as Ansem tried to get ATW to tell him where she is, I doubt it...
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    KH3 deleted scenes

    So we know of at least one deleted scene, or at least a deleted part of a scene, which is when Rex “introduces” Donald and Goofy as “Yozora’s” sidekicks. I’m wondering if there are any other deleted scenes or parts of scenes. Do you think they’d be restored in DLC? Idk why they deleted that...
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    Donald and Goofy

    The bond Sora, Donald, and Goofy shared in this game honestly made me wanna cry lol. Donald and Goofy really seemed much more important than in past games and that is one of the best things about KH3. (Btw you can tell Nomura has heard the “Donald is useless” comments, especially after...
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    Future updates

  11. breaktheice16

    This story is blowing my mind!!

    Without giving anything away, I can’t belive some of the things they have talked about that I never thought would even be mentioned in this game! My mind is blown!!! I’m only 6 hours in and I just finished the second world, and wow they’ve gone through a lot so far already!
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    Starlight codes are now redeemable

    Just tried it out of curiosity and it worked!!
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    GameStop is doing preorder midnight release

    Just got a call today informing me that GameStop will be doing a midnight release! For where I live, it with be 9pm on Monday night. So I’m assuming it will be different for each time zone. If you haven’t gotten a call and you preordered from them, I would recommend calling the store you...
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    Face My Fears - EP AVAILABLE NOW!!

    iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify!! Go stream/buy!!! FULL LYRICS: Breath Should I take a deep? Faith Should I take a leap? Taste What a bittersweet All my All my life Let me face, let me face, let me face my fears Let me face, let me face, let me face my fears Won’t be long, won’t be long...
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    FINALLY finished the Limited Time Challenge in UX!!!

    I’m so glad they halved the goals! I was just gonna give up and wait till the DLC became purchasable. Fishin’ Frenzy and The Musical Farmer are the absolute WORST!!! I’m not looking forward to playing them again in KH3 lol When is the product code redeemable? On release day?
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    Will KH3 have a screen adjust option?

    Man, I hope so. I have an older HDTV and overscan isn’t controllable. That was the issue I had with 2.8, it cut off the edges of the screen so you can’t see the full menus or UI. Even changing the position settings manually on the TV or PS4 themselves did nothing. EDIT: Yes it will!!!
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    The “cloud world”

    Is this the Realm of Sleep again? It would make sense with all of the copies of Sora and the fact that Chirity (which is a Dream Eater) is there. But what could be the reason Sora is returning to the RoS? To wake Ventus? Or something else?
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    Stitch revealed as a Link! Master Xehanort, Larxene, and Marluxia renders!

    The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account revealed Stitch to be a Link summon as well as shared the renders for Master Xehanort, Larxene, and Marluxia!
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    Guess the final bosses of each Disney world

    I do like that they are keeping (most of) the final bosses for the Disney worlds a secret. So let’s just play a guessing game as to what they will be! Here are mine. Kingdom of Corona: A Heartless boss. I don’t see Gothel being a boss herself, maybe something like Clayton riding on a...
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    Next trailer to be released on November 18th?

    That is Mickey Mouse’s official birthday. And as everyone knows, this year has been a huge deal for his 90th birthday. There’s no other events this month that would make sense for a KH trailer to be released. I think this date seems very likely.