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  1. rac7d

    BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

    Release Japan 5/31 USA 6/5 Arcsystem works
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    TV ► Bee and Puppycat

    Its finally here
  3. rac7d

    TV ► T.O.M.E. Season 2 ( Terrain Of Magical Expertise) So many voice actors !!!

    Chris Niosi, also know online as Kirbopher manged to sucesfully rasie the budget for a second season of his hit web series TOME. The first episode of the second season is already available and the second episode arriving soon. This season he has manged to gather quite and impressive list of...
  4. rac7d

    Film ► Batman Assaault on Arkham Yes Finally in 20 years we finally get to see a harley quinn being physically capable in a animated setting. This also explains the reboot for suiced squad. Not to mention her Playability in the next game Good year for Harley.
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    Comics ► Nightwing Web Series

    Nightwings comic run i ending in april but two live action web seires will be premiereing this spring. I am excited for both. Each are gonna offer somthing different
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    Film ► RWBY: Season 6 | October 25th

    From the man who brought us Dead fantasy. Also lead animator of the hit web Machinma Red Vs Blue, will soon be releasing his own web series, completly orginal. R.W.B.Y This preview aired after the red vs blue season 10 finale Red like roses fills my...
  7. rac7d

    TV ► Xiaolin Showdown 2013

    So does anyone remember when they said Xiaoin show would return. I do I like the CGI to It will now be named Xiaolin Chronicles. The voice of jack spicer is not the official There artwrk and updates on the show there...
  8. rac7d

    TV ► Code Lyoko:Evolution (Dubstep beats?)

    So the funny middle school drama is now live actiion. It will easily fit into a block with that other show on cn(that one about video games) and then the cartoony cgi seems to remain the same but updated, william is on their side again too. Why dubstep
  9. rac7d

    Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge

    Dismemberment, hot dangerous women and you dont have to feel guilty about playing it. Just add on momiji and kasumi and we got us a full on game.
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    Film ► Red vS Blue: Season 15

    Rooster Teeth Tenth season beings May 28th. This season will give them the record of being the longest science fiction series. The cast will be including new member Elijah Wood. Preview of the upcoming season...
  11. rac7d

    Dead Or Alive series

    The franchise has a new guest and kasumi has been revealed
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    Spoilers ► 4 Xehanort Forms

    So we have Ansem seeker of darkness Xemnas the nobody The orginal Master xheanort and finally the young revived form of Master Xheanort. So my question is where does this leave terra? Is his body unrecoverable?
  13. rac7d

    TV ► The Game Does anyones else enjoy this show. Did you see the season premiere it was epic.
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    It's all coming back to me....... do you guys miss it too?
  15. rac7d

    Kh3d: New party members/beware of spoilers

    From the recent famitsu demo, "I was able to play a little of the demo version. You can play in the familiar Traverse Town world. Two new characters are your teammates." So we now have somewhat of a confirmation the return of party members. Somthing I am particulary happy about. In a gmae...
  16. rac7d

    Brave story New travler

    i was looking around for it but couldnt find the thread has anyone played it before. i thinki that its one of the more iconic games for the psp. great graphics and intresting story. remnincent to dragon quest 8, cool team moovies like kh2. Litte to no voice acting but i can put up with it...
  17. rac7d

    Moogle roles increase?

    how would people feel if moogles were actual chracter and not just synthesis tools for example liek having moogles like montblanc as a assitance char
  18. rac7d

    Do you believe sora should become a master?

    Please dont just say yes or no. really tell me why you think he should become a master after the last 2 years
  19. rac7d

    Job classes in kh

    just some of the job classes i noticed in kh through out the series I think mickey is a paladin almost definitly riku is of course a dark knight though he can use both light and dark now terra was somwhat of a sentinal and a dark knight ven was kind of like a theif/ninja and holy knight aqua...
  20. rac7d

    Anime Boston, going ons.....

    Is anyone doing anything kh themed cosplays and such for anime boston this weekend i wont be able to go this year to see anything but i was hoping to here somethings here and i hered monty oum's, new dead fantasy vids featuring both kairi and namine