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  1. cakito123

    How many times did you play through KH3?

    As I read the forums, I started to get really curious about how many hours and how many times did everyone play the game. So, you never played and only watched cutscenes? Did you play 10 times already? On critical or begginer? Did you skip Winnie the Pooh (or anything that is optional, for...
  2. cakito123

    Aqua didn't give up, she actually was just addicted to the darkness (?)

    I was playing the anti aqua battle right now, and I realized that she transforms out and into a sworm of darkness. And, at first I think it was weird how aqua in the ending just gave herself up to the DarKnessS. Think that has any connections? because I certainly did My first though was that...
  3. cakito123

    Donald treats Marshmallow disgustingly in this game

    I won't tolerate it alone
  4. cakito123

    Let's talk about Kairi in a different perspective?

    First of all, Spoilers! - - - Shall we talk about Kairi in a different perspective? Everything I've heard about her has been about how disappointing she was, how we all expected more from her and how she should have mattered more than she did. But what I want to discuss is this: Why do you...
  5. cakito123

    I still didn't understand the whole Twilight Town/ The World that Never Was thing

    Okay, then, for the last few years I've been understanding 100% of Kingdom Hearts stories and I think I did a good job - I can understand almost everything. Almost. I get really confused in this game, when we get to the ending and then everything is just weird explanations about how to get...
  6. cakito123

    Why is Axel(Lea) crying + a little theory

    Hi everyone! :redface: This is my first thread ever created. I'm not a Kingdom Heart expertise and all but I really wanted to talk about that specific scene that shows Axel spilling out a tear ;-; The only reason I can see for Axel to cry is just thinking about his lost friends. He lost Roxas...