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  1. Perkilator

    KH3 was robbed

    Freaking Death Stranding beat KH3 in the Best Music category, and Disco...WHATEVER beat KH3 in Best RPG. You'd think Geoff would've given at least Best RPG to KH3 since he's more interested in mainstream advertising, but NAAAAAAAH.
  2. Perkilator

    How would you react if…?

    Just as the title says, we’re going to take turns listing off different scenarios and giving our reaction to them. The first person to reply has to list a different scenario from the one they replied to. Ready? Now, how would you react if Sora was the last Fighter’s Pass character for Smash...
  3. Perkilator

    #Sora4Smash is trending on Twitter!

    Thanks to the efforts of KH YouTuber HMK, Sora4Smash has gotten popular on Twitter, currently being in the top 10!
  4. Perkilator

    Fan made game over/rematch quotes

    Seeing these kind of inspired me. What if other worlds had these kinds of quotes when losing to a specific boss? Strangely, none of the Disney worlds have this kind of system with game over/retry quotes. So here were my ideas: Game Over Vs. Titans (Hades): MMMMM, FINALLY! Vs. Titans (Hades, if...
  5. Perkilator

    What video game ideas do you have?

    Just as the title says. One idea I have is FIGHTERS MEGAMIX: Marvel vs. Capcom vs. SNK Featured characters from Capcom and the companies they have crossed over with, along with a few guest stars from a game also developed by Capcom! The gameplay can consist of 1-on-1, 2-on-2, or 3-on-3 team...
  6. Perkilator

    Alpha Dream, the devs behind M&L, have filed for bankruptcy

    I wish I was joking. I was looking forward to a remake of a Tomato Adventure…I can only pray Nintendo buys them out.
  7. Perkilator

    I just saw a recent Smash poll, and Sora is Top 2 in every single list!

    I’m not joking, this is actually impressive. This has to help Sora’s chances, as far as I’m concerned.
  8. Perkilator

    List some pros and cons of KH3’s Disney worlds

    Just as the title says. Nobody can deny that KH3 has its ups and downs, so let’s list some of the ones in the Disney worlds. I’ll start: Olympus Pros: >We fight all four Titans (albeit as one first and three second) >No tired formula of Hades using a FF character. >Cloud and Auron made a nice...
  9. Perkilator

    Sora just won Guinness World Record!

    Sora just won Guinness World Record for most appearances as the hero of a Square Enix JRPG!
  10. Perkilator

    I found an Aqua kigurumi on Twitter

    I think this is the first time I've ever seen a kigurumi of a Kingdom Hearts my life. Edit: And here she is!
  11. Perkilator

    Brawl happens at Disneyland's Toontown Area

    I can't believe that the security took so long to respond to something so horrible, and near Goofy's house no less. Poor Goofy's gonna have a hard time sleeping tonight.
  12. Perkilator

    Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated announced!

    My childhood's coming back, baby! This is a game I devoted a lotta time to, and I haven't felt this giddy about a remake of I've played as a kid since Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!
  13. Perkilator

    Create a Shadow-self based on yourself

    You know the Shadow-selves from Persona 4? Well, I was thinking that we could make up our own Shadow-selves based on our problems (please move this to Forum Insanity if necessary). I’ll go first: “I am a shadow…the TRUE self. And video games are leagues better than everything else! Only my...
  14. Perkilator


    In came you didn't get the news, ProJared was revealed to have been cheating on his wife and soliciting underage fans. He's cheated not only his wife, but himself. It's sad that he doesn't know the difference between game and integrity, because I subbed to him in early 2017 during my sophomore...
  15. Perkilator

    Most boring game you’ve ever played?

    Just as the title says; not worst game ever, just most boring ever. For me, it had to be FE Fates Birthright just due to all the bias in the story from both sides, not just Hoshido.
  16. Perkilator

    Spiritual successor with Nick worlds?

    Just as the title says. What if Square or somebody else made a spiritual successor to Kingdom Hearts with Nickelodeon characters and worlds? My ideas would be: -A main protagonist who travels with one companion and can have up to two others in a world. -A Crack in Time-esque space exploration...
  17. Perkilator

    A casual Sora AU I found on Twitter

    (DISCLAIMER: These aren’t mine, so I have no intention to take credit for it.)
  18. Perkilator

    Kh3 enemies

    (Pls ignore this I had typing problems)
  19. Perkilator

    Which Seekers would fit in worlds not in the game?

    Just as the title says. For me: Princess and the Frog: Luxord The Lone Ranger: Xigbar Emperor's New Groove: Demyx Wreck-it-Ralph: Dark Riku Atlantis, The Lost Empire: Terranort Agrabah (King of Thieves): Larxene
  20. Perkilator

    Nightmare Dream Eaters could’ve worked as a KH3 enemy (kinda-rant)

    So, you guys know how Spirit Meow Wow is a Link in KH3? Well, this made me realize that Nightmare Dream Eaters could’ve fit in the game, too. The world I was thinking of for them was replacing Heartless with them for Toy Box seeing the “split worlds” thing with that world’s plot (the fake Galaxy...