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    The plot hole that ReMind may be digging even deeper

    We know that Riku delivered Kairi and Lea's new outfits to them. Assuming that the training grounds access point is accessible somewhere nearby/in Merlin's house then presumably Riku would have had to meet them while dropping the stuff off I'd imagine. This is a lot of assumptions but it is the...
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    What would happen if Kairi was there?

    Ooh, what a fun little idea egg! Let me see...Marluxia would probably have to rework his plan a bit, but we know that Kairi's princess/light powers didn't prevent her from 'forgetting' Sora via Sora's altered heart state, therefore Namine would just as easily be able to manipulate her as anyone...
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    Mandela effect?

    Just in the manga. Not sure if this has ever been printed in color, so the fact that the dress was pink must just be your brain filling the detail in, or someone decided to color the panel in themselves at some point.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts characters will be at California Adventure's Oogie Boogie Bash

    Oh you have GOT to be kidding me. I have literally, not even joking, just gotten back home in Tokyo off my flight from Los Angeles. I went to the parks for my friend's wedding and I WAS JUST THERE. I... I think I'm gonna go cry now.
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    Why kingdom hearts 4, and beyond will be more emotional in the next saga

    I'll just keep sitting here patiently, waiting for Sora... He's ma boi. THAT'S going to be the moment that gets me emotional. As much as I appreciate and love the expanded cast for different reasons, I really just want the next game to be hyper focused on a smaller cast only. At this point I...
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    Getting bodied on Proud mode

    If you picked the shield (and are playing final mix/any of the the remastered versions and not the original ps2) you should get guard at level 15. In the original version you got it a bit earlier (around level 10 or so like you said). It still bugs me a bit that they rearranged the order you...
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    Getting bodied on Proud mode

    If you have guard I find that helps significantly (I am more of a the best offense is a defense kind of person, though...) and I always go through the game with a defense-heavy build. What is it that is killing you? Random Heartless? Any ones in particular? During the preliminary matches all...
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    My feelings on Luxu’s identity (SPOILERS)

    I'm also a bity iffy on the Chi stuff in general, but I'm trying to keep an open mind going into everything. That being said, however... To be fair, we don't actually really know what Luxu is even trying to do, really. We have some strong conjectures, and possibly has a lot to do with MoM...
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    Food for Thought theories (spoilers?)

    Interesting ideas about the Keyblade being part of the time travel mechanic. Personally, however, I want them to stick with what the established rules are and very rigidly keep to them. Already things get difficult when you include time travel and if they start developing and changing the rules...
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    The Sleeping Realm Theory

    Some of it is interesting, thought-provoking for the most part. I just dislike that there is a very heavy bias in the theory for things that are fairly unrelated for the most part. It goes out of its way to defend that Riku defending Sora is an act of love (which, okay I can buy that) but then...
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    I translated Sora's notes in the KH2FM photo album...

    So this is incredibly outdated, and I'm sure I am not the first person to do this but for anyone who is interested, in the Japanese photo album in KH2FM, there are some handwritten notes (and some doodles) that Sora made over all the photos. He shares his thoughts on things that happened during...
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    Sibling relationship between Lea and Kairi?

    So, having watched the footage of the recent trailers this really weird idea popped into my head. What if Lea and Kairi are siblings? I have no idea if anyone ever theorized about this before and I honestly don't see if there is really any point to them being related or not (it isn't...