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  1. astral_key

    Things I've been wanting to say. Hiatus needed.

    Hey everyone, so I know that you all haven't heard from me in awhile. For the longest time, I've actually went back to lurking here in the forums even though I joined it. Now to get straight to what I've been up to. So my birthday has recently passed of course around December. I turned 23. I...
  2. astral_key

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I beat KH 1.

    Going forth into October, I spent the last few weeks grinding from a lvl 59 to LVL 99! I also got the Aerora ability from one of the Trinity Points in Never Land. Then as I fought Ansem, I felt REALLY strong and never expected to go past his 2nd form. I went far and beyond and then finally beat...
  3. astral_key

    Hey guys! Here's a video I want to share! :)

    It's me again. I just wanted to share a performance that has touched me very deeply tonight. As of now, I need to sleep and give myself a lot of rest. I haven't been feeling well from an internal perspective, but I think sharing this here can somewhat lift the burden and to connect with other...
  4. astral_key

    Update on BBS.

    Hey everyone so, today on the 20th of August I finally beat Vanitas on Ven's story and now in the process of playing Terra's story! Just wanted you all to know on my progress. :D
  5. astral_key

    Is anyone here familiar with the Bayonetta series?

    I the series so much. I have Bayonetta 2 and have seen a play through of the 1st game. I'm also going through Bayonetta 2 in 2nd Climax mode! Do any of you admire the series too? :o
  6. astral_key

    Hello! A new new newbie here!

    Wow. It's been a long period of time since I joined a forum! I also joined this out of spite and along with the fact that I have been playing KH games more recently. I just recently got back in the mood of playing BBS on the 2.5 collection! :D Also here to somehow if not manage to see if I'll...