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    358/2 days title meaning

    now that its been a few years since this game dropped, what are your thoughts on the title? good/clever/bad/pretentious?
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    Comics ► Homestuck

    I can't find another thread on it so... IT'S ENDING and there will be an update every day til the 4/13! IF THERE ARE ANY FANS LEFT HERE COME YELL WITH ME PLEASE
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    Character's Report Vol. 2 Translations

    [Character's Report Vol. 1 Translations] Ready for another blast from 2006? I did post half of these before, but here is the entire Vol. 2 report! Kingdom Hearts Character's Report Vol. 2 Leon I think the 'swordsman who guides Sora' role that he originally appeared with carried over nicely...
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    Character's Report Vol. 1 Translations

    With KH2.5 HD ReMIX on the way, I thought it'd be interesting and nostalgic to translate some comments Nomura made in the book Character's Report Vol. 1, published all the way back in 2006! Kingdom Hearts Character's Report Vol. 1 King Mickey We had decided long ago that as Mickey is the most...
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    clearing up a misconception re: hearts?

    I am not sure about something, so I'd like to ask what you think! I'm not sure if this has been discussed already, but here we go. Xemnas said in DDD that some of the Org members were growing hearts: I think a lot of people seem to interpret this as meaning that some members like Axel etc...
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    KH3D Soundtrack Team Interview (from Famitsu Weekly, April 26 issue)

    Below is an interview with Yoko Shimomura, Takeharu Ishimoto and Tsuyoshi Sekito, the three composers who worked on the KH3D: Dream Drop Distance soundtrack. This interview was in the same issue as the one with Tai Yasue, posted here online, and I've finally got round to doing it thanks to some...
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    KH3D Staff Interviews from Ultimania

    There are a lot of mini-interviews, just like in the Re:Coded Ultimania from last year, I'm just going to post these here as I do them :3 Slight spoilers for gameplay and content of cutscenes and other things you'd expect from interviews with the programmers etc! Interesting quotes...
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    Does anyone own Another Report?

    I would really like to translate Another Report, but I can't find any good scans... does anyone know where I could find some good scans, or is anyone willing to scan their book for me? :3
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    Bilingual Artist Stephanie's Work on the KH3D Soundtrack

    Translation of this article here. -------------------------------------------------------- Stephanie Contributed 2 Tracks to Soundtrack for Popular Game Kingdom Hearts 3D, Now on Sale A soundtrack with contributions by bilingual singer Stephanie is now on sale. This soundtrack is a compilation...
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    Tetsuya Nomura in Iwata Asks! (Now with Translations!) *COMPLETE*

    Tetsuya Nomura in Iwata Asks!*-*Kingdom Hearts Insider There are six parts, I'll just update this post as I finish each part :3 Iwata Asks #15: Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] 1. The Impact of 'Mario 64' 2. 'It will fun for sure' 3. Square's Intentions 4. Flying around, so much you...
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    tech help... :x

    Ok... so basically I need some help with my laptop and I know very little about computers and I'm hoping someone here will know something that can help... Every time I tried to save a file, open certain files, or download a file, I was getting this message: 'The disk structure is corrupted and...
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    Thoughts on Riku: "I'm not afraid of the darkness"

    Soooo I helped (a tiny bit) with this really awesome meta over on tumblr on Riku's motivations in Kingdom Hearts 1 taking BbS into consideration , and I wondered what sort of discussion it could spawn over here. It's so heartbreaking ;A;/ Riku... In any case! Here we go... “I’M NOT AFRAID OF...
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    victim blaming

    I thought this was interesting. Does this make you think? Or not really?
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    Hello ♥

    Haven't been here for ages! So what's new? I managed to finish translating the entire three book series of Days novels and Reverse/Rebirth novel over my Summer holiday, which you can read here~ o3o
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    Ultimania interviews translated

    Not all of them, but I have an exam on Monday which I need to study for D; Re:Coded Developer Interviews Part 1 : HEARTSTATION.ORG Interesting parts:
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    BBS FM release date

    The release date for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix has been set for Thursday 20th Jan 2011! via KH twitter (don't think this has been posted?)
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    'Kingdom Hearts' in BBS

    I've had this idea for a while, and now the English BBS is out, I wanted to bring it up again. (Prepare for cheese. This is why I don't write much fanfiction, guys.) Most of this crap is from the Xehanort reports, and from Grandma's Story, which it would help to read if you haven't already...
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    Watch the vid Who do you think will...? Vote! :3
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    secret ending transcript

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep English - Secret Ending [HD] Can always count on DChiuch~ I typed up a transcript in case some things are hard to hear.
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    "everything is born from sleep"

    So I just wanted to explain why the English trailer and the fan translated videos don't match up. WARNING: tl;dr ahead. In the new English trailer, AtW says In Japanese, it's Now, when this scene first came out in the Japanese BBS secret ending, I translated it here as (And so did this...