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  1. Veevee

    News ► Take a look at Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind's Japanese Pre Order theme

    Absolutely not a SoKai fan, but really beautiful art. Still can't shake the feeling that the inclusion of Kairi is an afterthought .. also, where's my boy Riku and "why doesn't he sit with us"?
  2. Veevee

    Anime/Manga ► Digimon Adventure tri

    I honestly don't care if they reboot Taiora or leave it at Sorato - as a kid and a teen, I was kinda devastated they coupled Yamato and Sora at the end, but as an adult, I grew accustomed to the pairing and accepted it. What bothers me more is how they've been handling it - Yamato and Sora...
  3. Veevee

    Just finished The World Ends With You

    I'm not completely done with the game yet (I'm in the third week, so please refrain from spoilers), but I agree with a lot of points. I tried it on the DS years ago and dropped it, despite liking the concept because I found it incredibly annoying to battle. Not because I dislike the combat...
  4. Veevee

    Here’s what Xion and kairi need in my opinion!

    I never say I'd dislike her for that reason alone, I dislike her for several reasons, so why are you putting words in my mouth? First of all, I dislike how the games handle her. Nomura puts a huge emphasis on trios and SRK seems to be the weakest one - Sora has a unique relationship with Kairi...
  5. Veevee

    Here’s what Xion and kairi need in my opinion!

    I generally feel that the series should try less to force-connect them all and should focus more on developing the characters as their own people. Honestly, Sora, Kairi, Naminé, Xion, Roxas and Ventus all feel very similar to me - Kairi feels like a submissive female Sora (sweet, caring, but...
  6. Veevee

    The English dialogue isn’t doing the characters justice...

    Ah, the good ol' sub vs dub debate. I'll throw in my two cents. Personally, I'm always a fan of dub even if it's different from the source material. Hearing someone talk a foreign language and simultaneously reading a translation of what that person just said feels kinda off to me - yeah, I...
  7. Veevee

    What should be a good completion award?

    I love to (optionally) be able to carry over a save game from a previous game of a series and unlock something in the consecutive one as a reward. For example, Dragonball Xenoverse 2 checked whether you had completed Xenoverse 1 and if yes, there was a statue of your avatar character in the city...
  8. Veevee

    Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, Stardew Valley, Portia and the like.

    That's great! What are you enjoying the most? Do you already have your eyes set on someone? ;)
  9. Veevee

    How would you react if…?

    I'd be glad to have him and sad there's no Beat. How would you react if Square would stop making Final Fantasy games?
  10. Veevee

    Things you actually miss from past games, and didn't see in KH3

    The overacting of the animations. In comparison to older games, especially Re:Com and KH2, the animations in KH3 feel more .. stiff. Less dramatising for the sake of it (which I thought was amazing) and more on point, so I probably miss all that handwaving.
  11. Veevee

    Why is the cgi of kh3 characters look plastic compared to the old cgi?

    I think the colors in KH3 are slightly oversatured and the lighting is not ideal. Beginning with the background in KH3 (look at the unicolor blue background, the shining white clouds and the unnaturally bright textures), but it's also the skin. Especially in the first comparison the older Kairi...
  12. Veevee

    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    People overrate the value of hard games. Whenever I tell people that I'm not really into hard games (like Cuphead, Super Meat Boy, Sekiro, whatever), they look at me with awe and shock because how can a gamer dislike a challenge? Well, I don't have that much free time on my hands anymore and...
  13. Veevee

    Game: Give a short, funny description of a video game

    Use wonky logic to spot lies in a weird, wild word battle featuring a blue man with a bike and the spike
  14. Veevee

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Oh and let's not forget that he wasn't frail at all - he could still wield his keyblade very well, he could even raise effing MOUNTAINS, there was no sign of getting weak with age other than a hurt ego and maybe dying in 20 years or so. This is basically why I think Xehanort is a badly written...
  15. Veevee

    How can the story be "fixed" going forward?

    This is it in short. I remember Nomura saying in one interview that he alone was responsible for KH3's story because it would've taken too long to bring other people on a level where they could properly understand and discuss about the story. Think about that for a second, we're talking about...
  16. Veevee

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    Personally, I feel that his model looks fine now, I actually fear they might make him too similar to Pikachu because that one was (commercially) successful. I watched the Pikachu movie, but I felt that the Ted / Deadpool-Pikachu was honestly hard to bear for a length of two hours, but admittedly...
  17. Veevee

    is master xehanort a virgin? is he incel?

    If he was born today, he would've probably become an incel because he couldn't face his fear of being gay for beautiful boy Eraqus and blamed the non-existent KH women for having no interest in him because they don't even exist in the same universe as him. Dang.
  18. Veevee

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yeah and I don't really get that. I know quite a lot about Marketing and I will never accept this as a valid strategy because it is so hard to change a customer's views. If you start off on the wrong foot, it's quite hard to recover. It's like being this kid in school that everyone knows but...
  19. Veevee

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm completely with you on this. In my country, they often say "every kind of advertisement is an advertisement", meaning that even a bad reputation is better than none. I disagree. If I know nothing about a product, I can be convinced to like it and maybe buy it. If I only know negative stuff...
  20. Veevee

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    I am one of the people who wanted matchup group fights, but not like we got them .. as many others, I imagined them in a way of personal, emotional battles with a great payoff and well, not like Sora butting in every fight and one person dies, stop for cutscene, resume battle. I also remember...