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  1. Rydgea

    News ► Christy Carlson Romano, voice of Yuffie, plays Kingdom Hearts and reflects on role

    Yeah, unfortunately a lot of voice overs don't have time to go back and experience the work they've done, even commercial work, especially if that's their niche in bookings and if they are flush with overlapping projects. I totally understand her not being able to devote time to an RPG of all...
  2. Rydgea

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Off the top of my head, some things I had a problems with were Rey's Palpatine lineage. These reveals are so cliche now, that I was starving for a nobody to be the hero. Not the case. Again, I can't tell if this was just supposed to be a nod to the Vader / Luke reveal, but it's so passé I found...
  3. Rydgea

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - April 10th 2020

    He may look more menacing, but part of me wanted to see him rock his old, enormous beard.
  4. Rydgea

    Bravely Default II - Or is it Bravely 3 technically? 2020 Switch

    Meh. Just spitballing. They'd probably just end up doing an overlay for the map / battle menu
  5. Rydgea

    Bravely Default II - Or is it Bravely 3 technically? 2020 Switch

    Bravely Threefault. The style looks very much in line with what they've been doing, just a touch updated. Speaking of which, I wonder if they'll port the others to the Switch. If they could utilize your TV and Switch screens at the same time to function like the DS's, that'd be pretty bomb.
  6. Rydgea

    What Character symble you in real life

    I'm a decent enough good cook. Sora's mom?
  7. Rydgea

    Bravely Default II - Or is it Bravely 3 technically? 2020 Switch

    I still have yet to play End Layer outside of the demo, but I find the BD universe so charming. I'll be on the lookout for more.
  8. Rydgea

    I'm back

    I think we've all somehow found ourselves at Mecca KHI with the Re:Mind news. Grats on your life / engagement. If I remember correctly, you were also involved in some music communities. Pretty sure I've seen the name float around over the years. WB, Mirby :]
  9. Rydgea

    News ► Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Screenshots and Renders Released

    Poor Cid has never had a costume change. Snappy old grease monkey probably doesn't even want plaid-updated threads. Seriously though, that render is based off of his KH1 illustration. ;0; Cinderella is one of my favorites, so I'm happy to see the Fairy Godmother again. I'm hoping she'll have an...
  10. Rydgea

    I was hoping for a physical version

    They've repackaged KH releases so many times; it's tradition. Please look forward to it.
  11. Rydgea

    How do you think Disney will fit into the next game?

    The same way people think the crossover that is Disney + Final Fantasy = KH, will eventually become a unilateral non-crossover with solely (non-story progressing) Disney worlds. Down to the last Moogle or Cactuar statue, there will always surely be some presence of FF in these games to honor...
  12. Rydgea

    News ► Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Screenshots and Renders Released

    The truest of callbacks to his KH2 cameo.
  13. Rydgea

    News ► Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC Now Available for Pre Order

    They essentially fixed X-Box user's conundrum, since the DLC delay no longer intersects with FF7R releasing on their platform (not sure if it ever did really). Less than a week between the two could have been brutal. I still feel sorry for them that they're not able to enjoy these games...
  14. Rydgea

    News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC trailer, Release Dates Announced

    I don't think we should reduce Aqua's sacrifice in BBS versus her questionable decisions in KH3 to some odd sort of habitual behavior. We're assured from Birth by Sleep that Aqua is the most level-headed of our heroes. To critique her decision at the end of BBS seems off. It was completely...
  15. Rydgea

    Kingdom Hearts V-CAST Game Files Ripped

    Okay, I laughed when the title of Death Music popped up on the screen. These are reeeally charming melodies, and there's an air of nostalgia listening to this soundtrack regardless of not playing the game. It was gracious of Ian to share. Made me smile.
  16. Rydgea

    Film ► Mulan 2020

    Oh, well, now you've convinced me. Washing my hands and watching the movie now. :poop:
  17. Rydgea

    News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC trailer, Release Dates Announced

    Aqua, Xion and King Mickey. The trio I didn't know I needed. I like what's taking shape here.
  18. Rydgea

    Film ► Mulan 2020

    Though all of the live-action adaptations have been overshadowed by their predecessors, I always want them to be more than what they actually end up as. The Jungle Book still reigns supreme for me, though I've liked very specific aspects of this year's films, namely the way the writers...
  19. Rydgea

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - April 10th 2020

    I quite like the homage to the original cover, but the new logo looks worse than ever tacked on it. They just really smudged out Yoshitaka Amano's clean, iconic art with their generic 3D-ifying. Also, since the site has updated, I question why they're keeping Red XIII under wraps. I guess it's...
  20. Rydgea

    News ► Watch the Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND TGS Trailer Now!

    That was a scrumptious b-day present~