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  1. Tempo

    About the χ-Blade

    Soooo, it's weird to everyone else that the χ-Blade hasn't been mentioned by anyone, anywhere, at any point in KHχ KHuχ or KHχBC at all, ever. Right??? Like. that's reeeeally weird, right? BBS onwards it's The Holiest Of Relics and people have repeatedly suffered and died over it, it's talked...
  2. Tempo

    about the soundtrack reorchestrations

    hey folks, i need some clarification. the soundtracks for 1.5 and 2.5 were remastered from their original counterparts, i know that much. but i've been finding conflicting claims recently that KH1FM HD's soundtrack was not just remastered, but fully reorchestrated, meaning it got the same...
  3. Tempo

    birth by sleep ultimania - mystery room

    I was mulling over the Birth by Sleep Ultimania and came across an image of this room. I don't remember or recognise it from anywhere in the game at all. It's specifically located in the "minigames" section of the Ultimania, leading me to believe it's perhaps somewhere from the Mirage Arena...
  4. Tempo


    In case people somehow weren't aware, Everglow has been working on a massive project to place all of the Kingdom Hearts scenes in proper chronological order, going to an absolutely ridiculous amount of detail, and it's wonderful. Every so often the editing reaches a new level of quality, and...
  5. Tempo

    "Kingdom Hearts: Chonology" vs. "KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE"

    (obligatory "hope this is the right forum" "hope no-one's posted about this yet" "hope it's not against any guidelines" disclaimer) I was wondering what people's thoughts were on the KH-Vids "Kingdom Hearts: Chronology" series, and Everglow's own "KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE" project. Not...