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  1. Face My Fears

    NO SPOILERS PLEASE: Anyone Else Have Problems With Limit Cut Boss Fights

    I feel like I'm the only person in the world that hasn't beaten the Data Organization in Limit Cut. I got to Level 99, powered up Ultima Weapon to max, used Strength/Magic/Defense Boosts and I STILL have trouble with the Data Organization. I only managed to beat Marluxia (and cried when it...
  2. Face My Fears

    NO SPOILERS PLEASE: Is There Anything To Unlock In ReMIND?

    I beat ReMIND and I'm wondering if there are any secret videos or any secret items that can be unlocked? Please no spoilers, just a yes or no and a hint on what I need to do to unlock them? I've been trying to figure out where in the world you get Oathkeeper or if it's even in the game.
  3. Face My Fears

    NO SPOILERS PLEASE: Anything For New Game Files in KH3 After Downloading ReMIND?

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NO SPOILERS! I'm just really confused by the whole ReMIND package. I thought it was going to basically be like KH2FM where all the new stuff is folded into the main game, so all you do is pick "New Game" and as you play the story you see new cutscenes and get access to new...
  4. Face My Fears

    MoM Is Satan?

    I've been thinking about the direction of the series lately and I feel like there is some metaphorical stuff going on with the MoM and the Foretellers. With the Foretellers being named after a deadly sin, it made me think of other biblical references. The MoM describes a traitor, kind of like...
  5. Face My Fears

    Ven Is Master of Masters / Vanitas Is "Darkness"

    I saw a lot of people commenting that Ven could be the Master of Masters. I haven't really seen much of what he's done in the KHUx games, but the thing that makes me think it's possible is the entity known as "Darkness". This entity told Maleficent about the box and how to travel through time...
  6. Face My Fears

    Mickey Question

    Was it ever explained how Mickey travelled worlds from KHCoM to present times? It's been established that the paths between worlds were all closed and only open for Sora when they call out to him and/or in KH3 when his heart opens the pathway to worlds. Mickey on the other hand has been...
  7. Face My Fears

    Keyblade Graveyard: Set Up By MoM?

    After reading someone's scathing review about the whole heartless killing the Guardians of Light situation, I was wondering why Xehanort would do that if it would prevent him from summoning Kingdom Hearts. Well, I have a theory that the killing Kairi/"you require motivation" bit was for Sora to...
  8. Face My Fears

    Apprentice Xehanort "Amnesia" / Ansem: Seeker of Darkness / Xemnas (KH1-2 Plots)

    I made a thread about why Xehanort split himself into heartless and nobody because I never really got what that would accomplish. I know that he needed the 13 nobodies to clone himself, but I don't think he would need to split himself to get 13 nobodies. Anyway, after reading replies in there...
  9. Face My Fears

    Nobody Names vs. "Real Names"

    Clearly a bunch of former Organization members will be moving forward into the next saga, however they will be recompleted and their normal selves. Like the situation with Axel, which I still find difficult to adjust to after years of knowing he was back as "Lea", would it be better to address...
  10. Face My Fears

    Why Did Master Xehanort Split Himself Into Heartless/Nobody?

    While thinking about the events of KH2 (because again I'm dealing with people saying that KH2's story is the best), I could never understand (even before BbS/Days were a thing) why "Xehanort" chose to become a heartless/nobody? Which is why I never really felt for Xemnas when he was moaning...
  11. Face My Fears


    While waiting for ReMIND, I decided to go back to bosses that I never got around to beating. Case in point: Phantom Aqua after you beat KH 0.2. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to beat her? What level should I be? It's my proud mode file and I'm level 51. The gauntlet to get to her was...
  12. Face My Fears

    Who Was The Traitor?

    I was rewatching Back Cover and I feel like an idiot for asking this because I feel like we're supposed to have "figured it out" but... who was the traitor? The Lost Page said was the one who bore the sigil, so I'm guessing Luxu (because he has the X)? Or was there no traitor and the Master of...
  13. Face My Fears


    I was thinking about the music of KH3 today because I realized that aside from Face My Fears and Don't Think Twice, I don't have any KH3 songs to listen to on my iPhone. Then I tried to remember any particular new tracks that stood out (besides the Disney world tracks) and I couldn't really...
  14. Face My Fears

    Can DLC Fix This?

    I don't really know about modern gaming, so I can't compare to other games, but... have their been DLC updates for other games that granted more save slots? KH3 has WAY too few slots. At first I thought it was because I didn't have enough space on my PS4, but when I deleted stuff it stayed at 9...
  15. Face My Fears

    Did The Master of Masters Teach Xehanort How To Body Snatch?

    I was thinking about this for a while: The Master of Masters clearly was helping Luxu achieve his goal of making the Keyblade War come to fruition. For Luxu to survive all that time, he needed to keep transferring himself to younger bodies... which is exactly what Master Xehanort did (albeit for...
  16. Face My Fears

    Should Kingdom Hearts Explore DATING/RELATIONSHIPS?

    Regardless of the ship you're with: SoKai/SoRiku/Raxel/Aquiri/Niku/Voxas/Naion/Terriku/Venitas/Xehanoraqus etc. I was curious whether the series has reached a point where relationships should be introduced? I'm not saying pair everyone up, but would it help the franchise grow by actually pulling...
  17. Face My Fears

    Chances Of KHIII Winning Awards?

    Before KHIII was released, I strongly believed that it would be nominated for awards and probably be crowned Game of the Year. After the release and the scathing feedback and criticisms that it received, I fear that it may be thrown to the side. Does anyone who is more knowledgeable about gaming...
  18. Face My Fears

    Dumb Question

    So for the life of me I have tried everything to use the shotlock for Ultima Weapon, but it never worked (or at least I can never get it to work all the time). I got it to work once, but it doesn't seem to be consistent... which is weird. Is it a glitch with the game or is there something that...
  19. Face My Fears

    Is KH3 A Good Game?

    I know, a cliche topic, right? WRONG. I see a lot of people discussing this GAME solely based on story events. People talk about "floaty combat" and whatnot, but I really want to know from you all -- did you all have fun actually PLAYING KH3? I feel like because the KH series is so story based...
  20. Face My Fears

    KH Storytelling After Xehanort Saga

    I've been thinking about this for a while now and wanted to get other people's opinions on it. I don't think there are any long-running game franchises that have one continuous story with the same main character that spans as long as KH (maybe Halo?) I believe that brings up an issue in the...