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  1. cakito123

    Spoilers ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Re Mind DLC Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I Don't know, watching Back Cover, MoM seems and talks like he doesn't control when or where he is going to appear next. He talks to all his apprentices saying things like maybe he will disappear, like he isn't really sure of that. Maybe he is just being plain manipulative, but I don't think...
  2. cakito123

    Spoilers ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Re Mind DLC Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Everything regarding Vanitas and Ventus isn't only new, but absurdly unexplained since BBS. I've been waiting for a moment when Nomura would start hinting at his past and his lighty nature and Vanitas origins, since in BBS it isn't explained really well what Vanitas actually is and how did he...
  3. cakito123

    NO SPOILERS PLEASE: Is There Anything To Unlock In ReMIND?

    Yes, after you beat all Organization Data Battles, you do unlock the Secret Ending video!
  4. cakito123

    NO SPOILERS PLEASE: Is There Anything To Unlock In ReMIND?

    Not in ReMind. You can play Limit Cut after you beat ReMind, but that's the only thing you "unlock" for playing ReMind
  5. cakito123

    Spoilers ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Re Mind DLC Spoiler Discussion Thread

    One thing I still get a little lost thinking about it: how exactly is Armored Xehanort in the end against Kairi and Sora? Shouldn't he be dead from SDG inside Scala ad Caelum? Is it really him, or only his armor like the replica clones? I don't think I understand the last bit regarding Xehanort
  6. cakito123

    Spoilers ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Re Mind DLC Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I actually had the opposite impression playing the ReMind DLC. There were a lot of moments that base-KH3 failed to implement in a gameplay section. There were a lot of times in KH3 where they could just make us play the damn situation (like Vanitas in Monsters INC should at least be a 30 second...
  7. cakito123

    Spoilers ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Re Mind DLC Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Hahahah just listened now to Axel and Aqua's dialogue when Axel talks something cool and Aqua is like "You don't need to talk, just fight!" and axel responds, "Geez, you don't need to say like that"
  8. cakito123

    The New Organization's Data Battles thread (Spoilers)

    IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS ON THE STORY ASPECTS OF THE DATA ORGANIZATION BATTLES AND ITS GAMEPLAY CONTENT PLEASE DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER Hey, I didn't see any thread talking about the new The New Organization's Data Battles specially, so I made one! Can I just start by saying how beautiful...
  9. cakito123

    News ► Square Enix announces brand new Kingdom Hearts mobile game

    i dunno, I like the idea of making a game centered around new characters in Scala ad Caelum, but I'm not too fond on the idea of flashbacking Xehanort's life entirely and focusing on him. It would be cool a game about him before KH3, but now that I've seen this man diying and going to KH, it...
  10. cakito123

    Kingdom Hearts Union X Re:Make speculation and expectatios

    I share the same feeling too about how this game isn't good enough for a Remake. That's why I like to imagine that when they do make a Remake to that game, they'll probably realize all of its flaws too and change almost everything in that regard, since it seems really obvious all the flaws it...
  11. cakito123

    Kingdom Hearts Union X Re:Make speculation and expectatios

    Well, as far as I can see, all side games that wouldn't have 3D models have had a Re:make version of it, so I can only think it's really likely we'll get one with this one too, specially since a lot of people didn't play this game and don't really like it. And, well, as a continuation of an old...
  12. cakito123

    A year later and I feel more at peace with KH3

    Like with most KH games, every time I play again I can connect more and more to the scenes and characters. I remember not liking the ending section because it was really rushed the first time I played. I was the entire time with a "huh, really? That sucks" face... But playing a second and a...
  13. cakito123

    Would kingdom hearts 3 been much better if Final Fantasy 7 remake wasn't announced or even in development?

    I don't really think so, but maybe? Not because of nomura, of course. I mean, Nomura probably did get bothered for accounting two projects at the same time, but a game isn't made by only one guy, that's a work for a reaaaally big team of people, in which Nomura only supervises and...
  14. cakito123

    What'll you do once the DLC and update drops?

    I'm probably gonna playthrough all again, so I can check every tiny bit of new content. Also, you people forgetting about the new Black Code thing? You'll be able to make the game harder than in Critical mode! That's reason eough to replay the whole game :D
  15. cakito123

    First Critical Mode Playthrough Advice

    Learn how to defend, like a lot. That's the only thing that can save you most of the times
  16. cakito123

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The ark to the future

    I just imagined: Maleficent will be the final boss of the game: she will attack everyone in the tower in order to find this Ark and return to the future. The final battle will happen right next to the Ark, and it will culminate sending Skuld to Future Radient garden without memories somehow...
  17. cakito123

    Putting KH3 into perspective

    I don't agree with that, 2nd visits were really entertaining, at least for me. It was like, ok now the game is starting to end and we must revisit every world for some little happenings and challenges inside this universe we already explored 100% now. Some characters from the Org 13 will appear...
  18. cakito123

    Things you actually miss from past games, and didn't see in KH3

    What were those, again? I remember they existed in KH2, it was for transforming into rage form instead of drive forms, right? I really like this idea, and if they ever make a Remake of Union X and Unchained, I wish they could implement some competitive multiplayer aspect to kingdom hearts. It...
  19. cakito123

    Putting KH3 into perspective

    Yeah, right? Like, I imagine before Unreal Engine they would look at some gameplay mechanics and think: - Will we include this one spell from BBS into our new game? - Yes? Let's copy its archives and addapt its functions to our new game's context. - No? Just archive these files we...
  20. cakito123

    Putting KH3 into perspective

    Not surprisingly, some or many details of the series simply ceased to exist when the engine change was made. It's obvious how reusing the same files made it easier and easier to make the next game in the series much faster, and also much longer in its scope. Kingdom Hearts 3 was the most...