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    The game is actually fun now

    I woke up happy because Re:Mind and Patch 1.09 saved Kingdom Hearts III. They improved so many things about basic combat that it's actually ridiculous. Patch 1.09 was worth the price of admission on its own. The new combo abilities make Sora feel snappy and responsive. His new finisher, Final...
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    Did Beast use the Power of Waking to get to Hollow Bastion?

    Thread title. KH1 describes that Beast was essentially so pissed off about losing Belle that he followed her heart to another world when his was destroyed. Lil' Xehanort says that the Power of Waking is used to traverse worlds via hearts. Is it something only wielders can use, or is it just a...
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    Hold up-- We can say the f word now?

    Listen, I'm flattered but I was really just kidding around when I campaigned for this a few years ago. You didn't have to do this specifically for me! Asides aside, anything interesting prompt this decision? Is it just the new software being tricky? In any case, knowing that the diddly filter...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4, Xbox One)

    May Arthur Morgan bless you on October 26th... Pre-load for digital copies of this game is beginning today, and I was curious to see how many of you are getting this? Odds are it'll be one of the most technically ambitious games of the generation, so I'm looking forward to seeing how all its...
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    Gravity Falls is finally in KINGDOM HEARTS III!

    In response to the constant outcry for Gravity Falls to be included (against all reason) in KH3, I have written and voiced a short trailer. https://vocaroo.com/i/s18SLdZfpTcF I'd say enjoy, but that's a foregone conclusion.
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    I Just Want To Say...

    That it is very heartwarming how internationally collaborative the development and advertising has been for KH3. Sometimes the East gets trailers first, and sometimes we hear the English cast before the Japanese cast. It's awesome that we have more statesode artists collaborating with SE on...
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    BH6 World Too Ambitious?

    I figured that this might be an interesting topic as long as people don't take criticism of the game personally. With the amazing recent trailers of KH3, I've found one little concern with the game. I'm of the opinion that San Fransokyo ain't lookin' too good. There's a reasonable explanation...
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    butts in Kingdom Hearts

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F12NR-_ftZs I can't post this in creative media or anything because it's complete horrible trash and I can't believe that I spent 35 minutes doing this. Upon posting this I came to the realization that legitimately no one should be willing to sit through this...
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    Like many banal people before me, I have decided to sell my soul to the devil and make a Kingdom Hearts channel on Youtube, and I've also set up Twitter and will make an instagram for art soon! I've thought about this for a very long time; I am extremely grateful for the people on here who have...
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    Billy Zane recalls playing Ansem, sketches him from memory

    Didn't see any posts on here about this, and I thought it was interesting and also a little sad. https://www.reddit.com/r/KingdomHearts/comments/9crv2a/kh1_rare_opportunity_with_billy_zane/ A fan was able to approach Billy Zane, voice of Ansem in KH1, and ask him about the character. Not only...
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    mr burns

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    Khi really is better than ever

    I got to watch people fight about Pooh Bear for a few hours today. Oh bother. I miss when the biggest stink of the forums was the suggestion of Scrubs as a world in KH3. THREAD THEME: https://youtu.be/BdKnojhNBeI
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    Cutscene Worry

    I've been playing 0.2 quite a bit lately, and they do something in the cutscenes that I don't love. The game frequently uses flashbacks to BBS and one flashback to KH1, and in all instances, they use the original footage, complete with PSP and PS2 grade visuals. It's extremely jarring to jump...
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    What platform are you playing on?

    What console are you going to play on? Are you going to use an upgrade console like the Pro or X? Just got my PS4 Pro and 0.2 is much more fun at a higher frame rate.
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    The NEW 7 Hearts of Light?

    Let's all figure out what Larxene means. So she says Elsa is a new pure heart of light... Who else could fit in this mold? Rapunzel?
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    The Last Quiet Days

    Let us gather and enjoy the peace and familiarity of the forums before new trailers come out and everything changes. I think with the next news bomb, we're really going to enter a new era on this site. Some people (myself) will just straight up leave, and tons upon tons of new members will join...
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    Thank you, KHi staff

    Thanks to everyone who organized, judged, and provided for the KHi 12 day holiday giveaway event. It was a very fun and generous thing to do-- some of the awards being rarer collector items as well! Try taking it easy in 2018.
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    super mario bros khirecast

    haha just kiddin around, bet ya got all excited to see who would be who? i'm such a prankster
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    Sora returns from his training

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJmPpgjtIXY Sora finds out that life is like a box of keyblades
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    Last person to post here is a dumb smelly moron

    Heeeheee weeeeee woooooo yayaya hip hip hooray