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  1. Hakan Xatos

    Something New Appeared!

    That's KH2 Sora in the second picture as well judging by the glove.
  2. Hakan Xatos

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread - Home of David Tennant & Drake Bell Speculation! I don't know. I'd still prefer all the original actors if possible. If a person can keep his career and politics separate then I'm fine with that. A person's opinions are their own business. I've worked with...
  3. Hakan Xatos

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread - Home of David Tennant & Drake Bell Speculation! I mean he's literally playing the Disney devil. So.. *shrugs* ehhh..?
  4. Hakan Xatos

    RUMOR: Fantasia confirmed by PlayStation Magazine?

    Never actually seen the entire film. So I'm still voting for a Firebird boss fight. It's funny I can never sit down and watch Fantasia from beginning to end. Just clips.
  5. Hakan Xatos

    RUMOR: Fantasia confirmed by PlayStation Magazine?

    These blue flowers? Also a closer look. I'll add this from DDD to compare. It's still possible considering that KH3 has much better graphics.
  6. Hakan Xatos

    RUMOR: Fantasia confirmed by PlayStation Magazine?

    Yeah I definitely don't want a split characters game for KH3. I'm pretty sure it's more about split stories with Riku and Mickey cut scenes following their quest. For KH4 I might be open to that, but I'm so ready for another SDG focused game with the secondary playable character doing an intro.
  7. Hakan Xatos

    RUMOR: Fantasia confirmed by PlayStation Magazine?

    I for one would like Fantasia to return. Mostly because I want to see a fight against the Firebird from Fantasia 2000. However I'm not sure if they have their info straight or not. Like Psycho pointed out they may be talking about Yen Sid's tower. I could see someone making that mistake if they...
  8. Hakan Xatos

    (Actual) Poll: How Would KH3 Leave You Satisfied With The End Of The Dark Seeker Saga?

    Well it's kind of crazy when the reality actually hits you. This is it. KH3 will come out this year (barring anything drastic) and the Dark Seeker Saga will come to a close. Sure the future is open to new titles, but it'll be for a new story. The Kingdom Hearts everyone has come to know and...
  9. Hakan Xatos

    Poll: What Optional\Secret Boss Do You Want To Fight in KH3?

    So I just want to say that I apologize if this has already been done. I went three pages deep and didn't see anything resembling this topic. The only rule is that it can't be a boss fight that would be considered a "Story" boss. However you can take a potential KH3 "Story" villain and provide a...
  10. Hakan Xatos

    My Childhood Game

    Stumbled across some videos from my favorite game back in the day. My nostalgia senses compelled me to share. I spent some pretty long nights wasting Nazis and the Undead over at my grandparent's house. My go to game before KH entered my life and the sole reason that we need an Indiana Jones...
  11. Hakan Xatos

    A Little More Help For F2P

    Someone shared this on another app game community so I decided to post it here as well. If you're F2P and feel guilty about wanting to buy crystals or P2P and just want some extra spending cash I'd recommend installing Google Opinion Rewards...
  12. Hakan Xatos

    Quick Skill Question

    Does anyone have a scheme or good reasoning of what skills should be put on what medals? Or pretty much just use your best skills on your highest tier or powerful medals?
  13. Hakan Xatos

    A Yellow Circle Question

    Okay I get the part where if you have two of the same cards you can merge them to get yellow dots for your special attack. I'm wondering if it matters if the cards are leveled or not? Does it affect the stats or anything if I use two level 1 cards as opposed to two max level cards? I hope this...
  14. Hakan Xatos

    Something Weird That Irks Me About BBS...

    Keyblade Gliders... (Spoiler, I'm just nitpicking :p) They are used by the TAV trio to fly through space to reach multiple worlds across the KH Universe. However! They can also at times get beat in a race by prop planes and a literal car! Giving a pass on the Unversed because Heartless ships...
  15. Hakan Xatos

    The Deeper Meaning No. 1 ~ Nobodies and their Heartless Counterparts

    Hello KHinsider community! I've decided to try and find reasoning to some of the bigger plot twists and grey areas. Keep in mind that this is not considered factual! Just speculation and opinion of finding a deeper meaning. Note: If this isn't the right place for this article, please redirect...
  16. Hakan Xatos

    Do you think that Riku (or any playable characters) will have forms or modes?

    Of course I'm excluding Sora because I'm pretty sure he'll be set with Keyblade transformations, synch blade and hopefully the return of drive forms. If they do come back I hope the forms are like the Limit form and won't require any party members. However, what about everyone else who may be...
  17. Hakan Xatos

    How in the world do you beat Ice Cream Beat?

    Okay, I've collected the trophies for all BBS mini-games except for Ice Cream Beat (Command Board was a cakewalk compared to this). I've tried humming and nodding my head with the beat, watched youtube videos and tried over and over again. I have "It's a Small World" permanently burned in my...
  18. Hakan Xatos

    Will Sora lose his synch blade technique in KH3?

    I mean the only two people to actually do it were Roxas and Sora. They can only use a second keyblade by using Vens heart. So when Ventus is revived and his heart returned I suppose Sora is suppose to lose this ability. Do you think its the end of dual wielding in general or will KH3 introduce a...
  19. Hakan Xatos

    Favorite Original Worlds to Return

    The talk has mostly been centered around Disney worlds but what about the originals? With some scenes of Destiny Islands, Twilight Town and the Land of Departure (or Daybreak Town? I wasn't able to see that video :p) in the teaser videos so far; I was wondering what original KH worlds would you...
  20. Hakan Xatos

    Ventus as the 13th Seeker of Darkness?

    You know thinking about Xemnas' obsession with finding the Chamber of Waking got me to speculate. What was Xemnas true purpose of finding the comatose Ventus? He obviously remembered Aqua and Ventus because he called Aqua's armor "friend" which means he knew who he was looking for. Since Ven's...