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  1. Ultima Star

    -/Cherry Blossom Studios/-

    Welcome to Cherry Blossom Studios This new graphics studio could be referred to as Moonlight Studios 2, MS new version, or, simply can be called the beginning of the next episode in the life of a graphics studio that was alive for more than two years.Kinda long huh XD Right now, I'm the only...
  2. Ultima Star

    Seems that I'm back

    Hello again KHI world, seems that Im going to be around the forums for a while, what brought me here again...probably I wanted to remember old times, well you'll be seeing me at the graphics section, Im opening a graphics shop again ^^ FK/Ulty is finally back ..for the meantime at least! see you...
  3. Ultima Star

    Im back

    Well at least sort of, hi again to all my beloved friends who are still here, hi staff, hi KHI ^__^ Im going to try to be on regularly, I have my internet back so yeah
  4. Ultima Star

    RE: Crystal Fate

    RE: Crystal Fate Hi there, this is US again, I decided to start writing my fanfic again, actually I posted a chapter but I thought that it needed to be rewritten since I wasn't experienced enough when I started and since I fixed that with time and practice it's better to start again and maybe...
  5. Ultima Star

    ♦~|The Mellow Nova Fanclub |~♦

    Say I can't believe there wasn't one D= HE's great at making tags he's an awesome person, he deserves a fanclub >: And I say so lol so now ..all Nova fans join the club Members: -Ultima Star
  6. Ultima Star

    Code G-e-a-s-s

    ^had to separate so it wont ruin the name lol Anyway this i one cool anime and it's very cool *nod* has anyone seen this? also read the manga? cant wair for the second season heh. so your opinions on this?
  7. Ultima Star

    //Shinigami// Kurosaki Ichigo FC

    Well for all BLEACH fans tell me who doesnt like Ichigo? who doesnt think he's a really strong-minded person? that he's different from other 'heroes' and main characters in the whole anime world? He has a very complex personality which makes him..more than awesome. And I seeing that..there's...
  8. Ultima Star

    /-Moonlight Shadow-/

    Ok well, this is the secong fanfic I've written. If you liked Crystal Fate (which isn't over by the way) I kinda assured you that you'll like this one. It's not that centered in love like CF it's something different but yeah it still has it's romance scenes and stuff *nod* well since I got a...
  9. Ultima Star

    1 year aleady!

    Hehe just felt like saying today is the day I joined KHI. Hehe one year already and hope more will come! Back when I arrived I was alone now I have tons of friends! thaks guys! ^^
  10. Ultima Star

    Moonlight Studios

    /-Moonlight Studios-/ We would like to welcome you to Moonlight Studios, a place where you can request anything related to graphics, especially signatures and forum avatars. Here at Moonlight Studios we try our best to make good tags so you guys are happy with the outcomes it's thanks to...
  11. Ultima Star

    Not as much as I used too

    Well hi..foreverkingdom here. Just created this thread to tell ya t hat I won't be as much as I used to..:mellow: Well the reason is this month is going to be toughest in this year and I really need to concnetrate in studies..but don't worry I'll still be around here:unsure: And I'll upload...
  12. Ultima Star

    Your fav. anime character

    Yeah so who's your fav. anime character? Mine would be either Chrono from Chrono Crusade or Sakura from CCS yours is?
  13. Ultima Star

    RG Veda

    Another 'end of the world' anime. CLAMP made it.-...it says there's an anime show about it too. So anybody saw it?
  14. Ultima Star

    ~♥~The RikuDestiny Fanclub ~♥~

    ~♥~THE RIKU DESTINY FANCLUB~♥~ Well I decided to create this club cos RikuDestiny is one of my best buddies here in KHI. so yeah^^ Ok well she's the creator of "Spirit of a Full Moon" too =D she's just awesome. Join 'kay? Current Members -Foreverkingdom -Eliza -Tetraalmasy -Keybladeofsteel...
  15. Ultima Star


    This anime is about the destruction of the world, I haven't seen it yet b ut I know about the characters and I have tons of images (some of the manga ones were a little traumatic though:blink:) and well has anyone seen this?
  16. Ultima Star

    Crystal Fate

    Well this is the first time that I'm writing a fanfic..and well I hope you like it =D It's like a love story, but it also has action and sometimes comedy =D Some of the events are going to be based on some scenes of the FF games 'kay? Ok this the prologue: PROLOGUE Legend says that there’s a...
  17. Ultima Star

    ##The New Cloud Fanclub!!##

    THE NEW CLOUD FANCLUB!! Lol yeah he deserves a fanclub and I know that there must be one around here but..I'm sure it's dead. SO! I want to make a club for him.^^ Rules: -You just have to like Cloud to join:rolleyes: - Oh please no LTD's or things like "Cloud + Aerith= The canon" or "Cloud...
  18. Ultima Star

    Your favourite anime opening

    Yeah what's your favourite anime opening? I really like the opening from RomeoxJuliet it's really cool^^ what about you guys?
  19. Ultima Star

    Guitar Hero

    I dunno if there's a thread about this game so..um..sorry if there's is:unsure: I just started playing this game and it's really awesome, the music selection is really cool, and how is different from the typical Dance Revolution games..it's just awesome!! Has somone played this game? if so then...
  20. Ultima Star

    Cloud VS Riku

    Yeah another match I've been thinking of...Who would win KURAUDO!.*cough*..or Riku^^; 1,2,3 start!:P