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    Light Yagami in Jump Force...

    I could forgive Light not being a playable character... yet he did so very little in the story mode it was ridiculous. He was wasted in this game. They really dumbed Light down a lot. A cube that can give him powers to go against the likes of Frezia and Goku...and he just wants to use it and...
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    My feelings on Luxu’s identity (SPOILERS)

    Please understand that I actually like Xigbar as a character but I just find Chi...meh at best. Having said that, when I saw the post credit scene for 3 and the reveal of Xigbar being Luxu...I wasn’t really that impressed. Shocked? Yes. Impressed? Not really. If we count Briag, we fought Xigbar...
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    Okay, negatives aside

    I know I been pretty negative about this game so far on virtually everything from story to Disney boss wise. I do feel that I am justified given it has way too much to wrap up in one game. BUT I will admit this for positives, The role reprisals are always a treat to hear and sometimes you do...
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    Looking back...

    KH1’s Disney Bosses were the best to me. They weren’t just hit the guy till he’s dead (Okay expect for Clayton and Maleficent), you had to be quite quick on your toes and I liked how they gave those without powers or such a Heartless to assist them.
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    Fanfiction ► KH Death Note

    What if Light Yagami was in KH? Let’s say the Heartless enter his world and he becomes curious about them, discovering about other worlds from Ryuk. But he’s surprised that the Heartless obey him so he uses them for his plan. After L dies, during this six year rule, Light grows bored without...
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    Worst Vocal Direction in the series

    For me, it’s Bill Farmer and Jim Hanks. Farmer is a great Goofy, I loved him in A Goofy Movie but in the games, nearly every word he says, the inflictions make it seem like he’s asking a question. Hanks, while a okay Woody voice, puts too much emphasis on certain words. I dunno, I just feel...
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    The Treatment of Disney Villains in KH3

    Has me worried for their future in KH4. Like I can’t be excited if they announce Dr Facilier becasue I’ll be too worried that they’ll replace him with a Heartless after building him up as a boss. Anyone else a bit worried? Not on Facilier, just on the treatment of the villains in general.
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    I wish they destroyed the Gummi Ship

    Just so they could use Montropilis to travel to other worlds through the doors.